Ritual Mafia V - Game Over - Heretics and Traitor Win

Majority has been reached.

Final Vote Count

Leafia (8): Brakuren, SirDerpsAlot, Ash, Hippopablompoyeetus, Dum :pray:, Bionic, Frostwolf103
Ash (2): otterpopd, Leafia
Brakuren (1): Zone_Q11

Not Voting (4): Someone, guavagudetama, Hazardwaste, Garfooled

@Leafia has been executed. They were:


Night 2 begins and will end at 2024-02-13T17:31:00Z. The deadline for night actions is 1 hour before SoD.


We die a little every day and by degrees we’re reborn into different men, older men in the same clothes, with the same scars. – Jorg Ancrath

@Hippopablompoyeetus has been killed. They were . . .

The Exorcist

Congregation Support

Ritual of Leadership (Ritual) - If you are sacrificed, a player of your choice will have two votes for the rest of the day.
Ritual of Purification (Ritual) - If you are sacrificed, select a player. They will gain 1 use of all their limited use abilities.
Purify (Night) - Select a player. They will be immune to all negative effects tonight (does not include death). - Unlimited uses.
Exorcise (Night) - Select a player. They will lose their Ritual abilities for tomorrow. - 1 use.

Goal: Defeat the Heretics.

Hippopablompoyeetus left the following logs:

I am exorcist.

N1: purify Leafia (rip)
N2: purify Dum

idk who it is glgl tho fellas

The following message has been sent to the court:

today i have some amazing news, I plan to out myself in this message cause i feel like i would be the best ritual today or even tomorrow depending if i dont use my ability today.
I would like to thank O.Kazo and Eventually dum for understand the soft claims i was doing

I am your Minister
Hazard β€œGod sent” Waste

Ritual Phase 2 begins now and will end in precisely 23 hours and 58 minutes, at 2024-02-14T17:31:00Z.

Remember that Ritual votes should be sumbitted privately in your rolecards.


Pretty obvious kill

Basically confirms Leafi was mafia though, so bad kill for Mafia

I have a RED CHECK

On whom


They dont get to know yet :)


We should hang both conjuror claims + Geyde because them not blocking NK when Shaman was dead is basically outing

btw does anyone have all the claims

I dont feel like looking but ik I saw people posting documentation with all claims

Also want to make it 100% clear that im not FPSing I just want to make wolfs all shake in their boots before I out which one is red

Massclaim time!

No fuck off

This is a joke I am not toxic

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Oh btw SDA what did the GS ability show

Hello monarch, are you ready for good time? :stuck_out_tongue: