[RP] Fantasy of the Damned - Roleplay Main Thread - 16/16

the fuck are you a clash of clans wizard



hey sakura check out this cool bug i found

What about Amelia and holes

You haven’t seen Silviu


so i murdered eliza
feeling pretty good rn

In what sense

a physical one

we’re playing a murder game inside the murder game

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he murdered her inside of that murder game
shes still alive in this one

if you want to bring vodka without bringing vodka then tequila has the same alcohol content iirc

i’m quite late but :joy_cat:

Oh my god, why are you guys inside a korean horror movie experience


(You’d think Japan would do these murder game movies like Danganrompa, but Korea? They even made a forum match experience movie)

i cast magic missile and eliza fucking died

i remember seeing like
two movies like that

forgot their name
one had the tagline of something like “crazy fox” for the sk

magnus gaslit me last game by saying i was being paranoid that there were several turncoats



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til it is illegal to display an american flag at night without proper illumination

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