[RP] T.O.M.M.Y.G.U.N - Someone, Zone_Q11, Keldi, and Squirrel2412 lived.

Epilogue: Zoan Dalton

Zoan opened his eyes and the first thing he saw was white fog. When he reached out his arm in front of him, he realized that he was actually laying down on the paved ground while his arm was reaching out towards the heavens.

He noticed something was amiss. Instead of the mechanical prosthetic he was supposed to have, he saw a skinny, organic arm, made of flesh and bones, covered with a layer of skin.

Zoan did not remember what happened to him before, and as he was trying to prod his memories… his head began to hurt. The pain slowly subsided as he stopped trying to remember. In due time, he noticed something was lacking.

In the last couple of years, Zoan’s mind had been plagued by the many auditory and occasionally visual hallucinations. He had presumed that it was due to some sort of nanomachines that had attached themselves onto the identification bracelet he had suddenly found in the pockets of his custom tailored uniform. However, when he looked at his left wrist, the bracelet was nowhere to be found.

Zoan was relieved to finally not hear the madness-inducing ramblings of the hallucinations. He did not miss them even one bit. If anything, he would most rather have eliminated the sources of the hallucinations if he could.

Zoan raised his body up to regain his sense of balance and took some time breathing in and out slowly, assessing the situation in a calm manner. He looked at his surroundings as to find any clues regarding his situation. However he could see nothing else but the fog.

Deciding that staying on one place without being able to see will probably not beneficial to himself, he decided to walk on the paved path until he found something. After walking for three minutes, Zoan noticed that the fog is really dense. He couldn’t see anything, but he did realize he was neither in a forest nor a civilization. There was nothing to be found other than dirt and a stone-paved path.

Taking no longer than a minute, the Cadet eventually found a building barely visible in the dense fog. After walking around the building and confirming the lack of prescence, Zoan turned the handle and entered the building.

// A humanoid creature appeared from the direction where the character came from. It spared no time to enter the building. It did not take more than a minute before the creature exited the building with the character behind it.

// The two walked through the fog for but a moment. It did not take long before the fog suddenly began to dissipate. The character noticed that they have arrived at the place where the dead are buried to return to Mother Nature; a graveyard.

// This was the Graveyard of the Forgotten Characters.

From Zoan’s perspective, it was as if the creature disappeared while he had appeared out of nowhere in the center of an endless graveyard. At the graveyard, there were many graves. Some big, some made of silver, and some were just wooden crosses. In front of the character, there was a deep rectangular hole. Behind it lays a tombstone. However, the Cadet could not read it.

“Here lies Zoan Dalton. A puppet who was never thought the concept of freedom. An entity who could have become a superhuman, but was doomed to fail from the start.”

Zoan looked around. He understood it was his final stop. The graveyard knew no bounds. There was no fog to be seen.

// The creature growled from somewhere the character could not see, and a coffin had emerged from the character’s grave. It did not wish to prolong the end of its story.

Zoan was once more greeted by the humanoid creature, floating above the grave. The figure of the humanoid creature next to him became more and more apparent. “It” was not a human being. A scythe was conjured before the mass of black matter, and without uttering a single word from start to finish, the Cadet was given a swift death.

// Its body fell into the coffin as his head rolled on the ground.

// The creature picked up the head, and looked at the character’s face.

// …even after its death, the Cadet’s puppet’s expression could not be seen.

// The creature stared at it for a moment, before tossing it into the coffin. Immediately thereafter the coffin closed itself and fell into the grave that was completely filled with dirt.

// In the end, the creature disappeared, continuing its journey to putting nameless characters into eternal sleep.


(Man… If only Darion was as easy to kill as Zoan.)
(…or as easy to remember.)


you know it almost looks like barbed wire /pos


I’m not going to write an epilogue for Bella/Amini btw. It’s better to leave it vague and let y’all headcanon whatever. That’s what I do, at least.


You are welcome to incorporate her/Amini/any other relevant characters into any postgame content, just don’t derail their characters etc etc


customary atlas post: this time not 3 months after the fact

this went… fine! i guess! i think, as previously stated, despite having an inconsistent schedule this time i hosted this way better then i did tom, for several reasons. a lot of which boils down to better map planning, largely in the “not having options on where, or how to get to get to a place you want to.” in this case, while the overall mission objective was to kill adam, and later on survive mr. lampshades ambush. the map design of “having a few rooms you need to go to, but you can tackle them in any order” was probably a good baseline for the first zone and the third, even though the third’s trended on being solely cosmetic because i was trying to rush through the endgame


Mr. Lampshade

Mr. Lampshade, the final boss, was written to be purposely uninteresting. killing him was mainly meant to be because almost every named character, at the end of the game, wanted them dead, and your own boss wanting to kill you to get a few more millions in his pocket was meant to drive home the point that the mercs were being worked against by numerous unstoppable forces. the only exceptions of which would be the four “zone npcs” of area 1, all of which ranged from neutral to good. his last name, and aiko’s, was meant to be a very obvious call to the act of “lampshading”. both being used as the clichè of “your boss is evil”, and more importantly, that the three who survived should’ve never beaten mr. lampshade, who is, by his stats, the best any mercenary could have ever been, sans his non-existence stat in honour. in the canon, belladonna survived because, well… i’m sure keldi would know that she has a lot more to suffer. and lucky survived, beside her namesake, because of her virtious nature. and i’m sure you’ve seen what became of Zoan.

The Misc. Npcs from Chapter 1

There are four of these in total, but not very important overall. from ranking of neutral to most virtuous…

Arthur (The Death of Disco)

He held the first area’s macguffin, along with the other npcs, which were switches to open the big door blocking their path into area 2. The players had to play a game of Shogi (won by the detective), and then a game of Poker (won by belladonna). Beside being by far the second least interesting, he had an old-timer personality with occassional bouts of annoyance at repeatedly being bested at games he was supposed to be good at.
He survived, with only the significant threat of danger of the bar fight

The Museum Curator/Security/Secretary/Tour Guide (The Museum)

The Museum Curator/all those other things was the npc the players needed to talk with to get through the museum to trigger the fight between you all and some of the mercenaries Adam sent after you (of which he assumed immediately made you all a non-problem), and to grab the switch. The Power of Weaponization weapon, two daggers that acted as a rope with the other, could also be taken from there. She was mainly eccentric, but alongside with her manager, quite clearly struggling to keep the business afloat. She sued whatever was left of Adam’s estate after the attack, and is currently drinking martinis with Rosa on the coast somewhere.

She barely survived

Charlie (The Arcade)

Charlie was the main, and only npc of the arcade, which was in practicality just an rp/stat check section. she was mainly vaguely friendly to the group, and loredumped answers about the city to the cast. she, completely out of her own good will and not out of curiousity, graciously offered up her time to play in a racing game one on one to ensure the players had the tokens they needed to purchase the switch. she kept the arcade fairly tidy, and was probably the most uneffected of the entire cast

she easily survived

The Computer (The Clocktower)

The computer was written as an around opposite of harlan ellison’s AM, who traded information about the world and the characters for the players to get the switch. it’s builder, “alina codwell”, abandoned the clocktower after she constructed it, making a vague promise to, what she assumed to be the non-sentient building, that she would come back one day. this had never happened, which after 10 years, lead to the computer to be generally suspicious of anyone else, due to it’s assumption of malice rather then ignorance on alina’s part, which made the player’s jobs harder by having to source her name so the computer could verify with itself that they were being honest
upon which, it figured out it’s only real goal; trying to figure out what happened to alina, and assisted the players in whatever way they needed, mainly coming to ahead in the detective’s story, where it mixed chemicals for him to throw at the beast destroying the clocktower, before giving him a parachute before the entire building collapsed under the damaged structure.

it did not survive

Aiko Lampshade

the first employee of lampshade the merc’s came in contact with, and the more incompetent of the two. her namesake of the “Lampshade” name was due to her, despite her complete inexperience of the mercenary field, only being promoted to such a high rank because of her father, resulting in her losing one of her eyes, she continued to survive in pointlessly risky “statements” made by mr. lampshade. she was born by one of mr. lampshades numerous consorts, who ran off as soon as she thought she could, leaving behind her daughter to be raised by him. she is a particularly terrible fighter, and only tried to really help the party on a few occassions, or on the mission with Wilson

She survived

Wilson Victoria

the second the merc’s meet, and the far more competent. wilson was an orphan adopted by mr. lampshade, and given his last name by him, to mean “victorious” (notably not lampshade because mr. lampshade is not a nice person). he completed his mission with help from Aiko, and then moved to help the agents with their mission, by robbing from the bank mr. lampshade commanded the agents to do, singlehandedly. he had a brash, blunt personality that only slightly softened in the final fight/epilogue, which served to heighten his preferred fighting approach (having the second highest dodge of any character), signifying him stopping from running from the main source of basically any problem of his he could list

He survived, with his victor’s crown.

Adam Samantha

The apparent main antagonist of the game, the mercenaries were sent to kill him because he broke his contract with Lampshade and pulled his funding from the organization. although he very quickly figured out the mercenaries were actually there, his measures to stop them, including forcing them to go through The Factory instead of taking a tram to the other side of town, were all rendered moot, especially since he assumed the agents wouldn’t make it through his first attack, much less the maze, and his mercenaries had no way of contacting him… because he cut off the only way to get to him without life-dangering risks.


this game, as a whole, had a bit more to say then TOM did

the game, in the opening post, directly stated how screwed over the protagonists, and the two main npcs were from birth, and the mercenary job existing only serving to make that worse. every npc that was friendly but capable of fighting had this trait, and the murder of adam samantha either ended or exasperated the cycle, depending on how much you trust Wilson. since her father and basically only friend’s death, aiko is in the epilogue completely clueless of what to do with her life, and will doubtless suffer copius setbacks if she decides to try and become a civilian.

on the other hand…
the computer showed the exact opposite of what you’d expect; upon figuring out it had hope that its creator was alive, it had underwent enough development from being completely miserable to willing to help the detective in his fight, even at the cost of it’s life
all the friendly, non-combat npcs were, at varying levels, capable of displaying happiness, when it was very obvious to them the abuse that was occuring less then a 10 minute train ride away by Adam, and what the other numerous places just like Lampshade are doing. despite things being bad for them and others, they persisted
…and celine escaped from the life she was dragged into, thank you for asking.

And that’s it. If you played, thank you for your time.


gg i was the tommy gun

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a tommygun never actually appeared ingame so you can have the title

This was very fun :+1:

(Aw shucks! The arcade never collapsed!)
(We were bamboozled!)
(That’s the price of madness after all; not all statements are true.)
(*insert more groans*)

R.I.P. computer.