SFoL 70: Last Stand of the Virtous IV - DRAW AND HEADHUNTER WIN

Next SFoL pitting Hand of Byzantium vs the Cult maybe.

tthat’s just hand of byzantium

the last time this was run the visionary accidentally slipped that it was a BD game, which was the same person who also caused the integrity breach last time

history repeating itself every time this is run


you get my vote now that i actually read what happened


Thank u

from how the op and classcards are ruled it should be a draw but in future for that scenario it should be ruled as the evil king winning imo


you can’t really do this because in the event that you were actually good then it risks chaining two town MLs in an argument of he said she said



True but at least gorta would have been sure I was definitely EK because I would never have backed down from it and wouldn’t have outed him immediately the next day for claiming to be a convert

I understand why they didn’t but it would have been funny

all i’m seeing is arguments in favor of doublevote king


I feel like someone should have or should let PlagueSimp know

1)There was a way to confirm themselves as town mechanically via dead players will.
2)2/3 of their voters were wolves and me and Gorta were hesitant to vote and wanted to take more time to figure it out.

I wasn’t going to point it out because I was pushing agenda, and none of the living good players seemed to keep track of wills.

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Here’s the thing. Once someone dies, they get completely forgotten by the town.
That’s why legacies tend to be useless here.

People should try to remember

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