Stratagem-10 FM - Signup (FILLED)

I’m not sure how you think A would lead to B there but


Definetly sunday and later

I understand katze’s statement to such a degree it might absolutely confound a normal mortal.

This is the only thing that makes sense to me. I believe you.


So hey Neon, how have you been lately?

it’ll make sense eventually


its crazy that this game hasn’t filled already
maybe, just maybe, if we all put our collective heads together, we might be able to figure out a reason

surely, altogether, we could find something
it might be difficult

but, together, i believe that we can do it


The town motion detector is fineeeee I guess

I don’t really like doctor :frowning:

There’s a Traitor in this game.
Kinda tempting to join but I’m gonna hold off for a bit and remain in backups for the time being.

Probably cause similar to me when we are in a game we can create a court room.

i mean this in the nicest possible way
courtrooms you create are like the courtrooms in shows where its a side filler episode and the writers are all obviously straight white men who have never done anything crazier than go 8 mph over and have never been in court and the defendant chooses to represent themselves and claims they’re a sovereign citizen

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Uh… fine. Trying to change my play style so that’s fun. Nobody wants to play with me :p


I dunno game seems fun

And like… imagine if town just like wins this despite the set up. That’d be fire.

Traitor as a concept here where the 2 other mafia know its identity sounds pretty neat because it opens an entire new perspective where you have to look for people that seemingly are too friendly towards them.

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Though I love my games to be more mechy

And well it looks more disadvantageous to the mafia

12 Angry Men


The nose of your pfp looks like it can stab someone

im much less busy now and im considering joining :P


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