turbo no.2

i feel like i disagree


if you’re trying to pocket me it’s working

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have you considered that you shouldnt, ma’am?

im considering it rn actually

feeling cute might just lock the game



Can you go into more detail about it?


this is how my brain goes brrrr in turbos
i’d say ask arctic he just saw me in one earlier today and correctly townread me
but we killed him

k if you’re a villager ignore me and solve the game


I’m gonna track Squid

they responded poorly to my first post accusing them for fun
then reacted over aggressively, then tried to play it off by memeing and have since tried to discredit me by calling me bad

is there a combo you think most likely
or ranking of scumminess

this timer with minutes and seconds is stressing me out

i’m looking over the names here and the only people i’m actually convinced are towny are trochi and poisonedsquid and i’m sitting here thinking HOW dose kat possible have me as the scummiest

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catbae (2): katze, Trochilidae
Trochilidae (1): Aelin
katze (1): catbae

Not Voting (3): YoubutWorse, min, PoisonedSquid

that’s a mix of how i am and wrong interpretation

Cat wagon is super dry

you have all fallen to centrist propaganda

ok well what would you prefer and why

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i don’t think responding ove aggressiely is inherently scummy sorry