Two Rooms and a Boom - Game Over, Draw

Bomber strategy vs. President strategy (hiding and thanking Eliza for not having a post minimum).


i kind of figured you were president simply by POE and you being clearly blue but kind of avoiding talking to most people


it was entertaining enough as a different experience, yeah, even if it was obviously flawed. i understood it would be an experiment. thanks for hosting~


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New Rolecards and Role List (I am saving this here so that I can reference it for a later game)

You may remove cards from the bottom of this list to adjust for smaller playercounts.

(note that Security does not have the weird punishment for choosing a member of their team)

(note that it is now once per game and non-public until round 4)

Logistical Changes

  • Even playercounts only. The game goes up to 20 players. No more neutrals!
    • You may remove the Negotiator pair instead of a Vanilla pair if you want at 18 players.
  • There are no more public reveals. You may still unilaterally reveal your card or color, but only in a 1 on 1 meeting. The only exceptions are roles that publicly reveal their card to use their power, which can now only be used on rounds 4 and 5.
  • All round are 24h. Meeting restrictions still apply.
  • uhhh I might be forgetting something tell me if i am. homebrew anticlaim/anti-weird-endgame role suggestions are welcome, but they gotta be really good.

possible changes to experiment with after game 2:

  • reducing game time to 3 or 4 rounds
  • uhhhh

i love all of that, excellent work eliza! :pepedance:


I never told you that Hazard.

No I didn’t. I knew it didn’t convert Zug.