Zelda Mafia - MAFIA WINS!

gg I was the impostor


i should not have replaced into this game
i didn’t have enough time to investigate and attempt to debunk why so many players were supposedly “cleared”

also i should have moved so that my location didn’t stay the same making me an easy snipe

my bad to zone for dishonouring the slot

i am proud of myself for somehow getting off the block though. Me 4 years ago had much worse control over my emotions and would have bungled it

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out of curiousity @Ash would i have made the dc if i had lived, and what would i have learned?

here’s my card btw if anyone wants to see my / zone’s special ability. Imho it’s pretty good so i would have stayed on the move if i had started the game in this slot


You are Link from A Link to the Past.


[Dark World]: What was originally a source of great struggle for you has been condensed into a pocket-sized power source, alongside a conduit on your arm to filter and command its inordinate power. The miracle of the technology is only dwarfed by your fear of the almost uncontrollable power that ebbs and flows in the bottle on your waist.

You may use 8 Stamina to pull yourself and everyone you are in a Proximity Chat with into the Dark World. No one in the Dark World can use their Action on someone in the Real World, and no one in the Real World can use their Action on someone in the Dark World. You may send people to their corresponding position in the Real World at the end of each turn, but you cannot bring them back.

The Dark World will automatically disintegrate and return everyone to their corresponding positions in the Real World after at least one of the following criteria is met:
- The barrier has lasted for 5 turns, minus one turn for each person initially brought into the World (this cannot be less than 1 turn).
- You choose to disintegrate it at the end of the turn.
- You are killed.

Due to the Spring’s influence, you cannot use this ability within two tiles of the Spring of Eternity until Turn 6. This will be indicated by a flavortext that includes the phrase, “The Evekiller’s malice has begun to infiltrate the island.”

I think I was going to implement a Proficiency Bonus for you if you survived, but given that you died early, I didn’t roll it.
I can do that now, actually, without the Proficiency Bonus.

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You’d have rolled an 11, a success.

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that information is not valuable enough to have been worth seeking over trying to get the special ability off

Yeah, I got worried about giving out too much information and outright outing Atlas.

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Anything under critical success is not worth spending even one turn on actually

I mention this somewhere in the spectator server, but I think town knowing the full nature of the factional kill would’ve been a death sentence for Atlas.