30 [3/8] rings (canned)

The 30 game. (It isn’t actually 30 games)

I’m bad at writing flavors, so I get to the mechanical part immediately.:

The first player getting 30 victory tokens at the end of any games wins. Alternatively, the first player having negatíve 60 victory tokens at the end of any game loses. In both cases, the 30 game ends.

Players aren’t allowed sharing their host specific PMs with others or making outside of game deals. Besides these, anything goes. (In the frame of the global rules, obviously.) I would appreciate, if you invite me to your game-related conversations, but it’s not obligatory.

The games are centered around making deals and deceiving each other. I won’t enforce any deals to go through.

(During games I won’t confirm any deals.

Outside of games, if both players agree, I will tell if the deal is plausible or not, but I won’t tell the reason why.)

Depending on the games there are three or four phases per game, where the first three are always the same.

  1. : Voting phase
  2. : Preparation phase
  3. : Game phase
  4. : Revelation phase (Depending on the game, it won’t be necessary)

Players will vote which game they want to play from a handpicked list, where at least the names of the games are revealed. It will last at most 24 hours.


The rules of the game, and the stakes are revealed. The players have a chance to ask questions about the game or for clarification of the rules either publicly or private.

(This phase still counts as outside of the game.)

This phase will last 24 hours.


At the start of each game, each player’s victory token count is revealed and the game will play out as in the previous phase it was described. Players can win or lose victory tokens at the end of the game.

Most games will be played during multiple rounds, with more phases inside them.

The ule of thumb, that each phase lasts 24 hours or until each action is submitted, unless otherwhise stated.


(If necessary)
If they were hidden actions during the games, which weren’t revealed during the game, every action will be revealed.

After this if no one has at least 30 tokens (or negative 60 tokens) a new voting phase will begin.

Victory tokens

Victory tokens:

  • They are your victory points and a currency at the same time. Outside of games, you are free to exchange your tokens with other players, but during games, you aren’t allowed to do so.(you are free to do deals concerning tokens, but they won’t be enforced.)
  • When you gain token(s), you always will know how you gained them. (If others are sending you tokens, you will always know who sent and how many.)
  • They might be benefits, you can use your tokens during the games.
  • Your token count can go into the negative, but you aren’t allowed to use more tokens than what you have. (Each transition goes through me, so you can’t cheat on this one.)


About the games itself:

Most of the games are inspired by popular gambling series. (Kakegurui, Liar game, Usogui, acma:game.) You don’t need to know the base material for any of the games, but it might help to use existing strategies or come up with better ones.

In each game everyone will have the same actions to choose from. (Meaning there won’t be any hidden ability or people will never have to find a specific player to defeat collectively for a victory. So no mafia-like or BTM-like games etc…)

The games are designed the way that everyone starts with the same winning chance. (No secret factions/asymmetric composition.)

Most of the games (should be) shorter than an average misc game, and most of them never debuted in the form I will present them. (Also it’s an experiment which of these games will be liked the most, and eventually I might make more complicated versions of them, if anyone has the need for it.)

The games are optimized for 8 players, but in theory none of them should have an upper limit.

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[To join just type join in this thread.]
[If someone wants to join after the game begins, they can do between games (voting/preparation phase), starting with 0 tokens.]
[anytime someone leaves the game with negative score, less or equal points than the previous recorded departure, the losing condition score increases by 10, which checks the score retroactively.]

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So here’s how I understand it:

  • Every day, players will be given a list of games and will vote on which one to play.
  • Games will last one day. Based on their performance during the game, players will either gain or lose victory tokens.
  • Players will have hidden actions that can be used during the game. Any such actions will be revealed at the end of the game.
  • Players are allowed to use tokens during games or to arrange deals with other players. Inter-player conversations don’t have to include Marluna (though she’d prefer it), but all transactions will go through her. You cannot go into debt to use tokens.
  • If a player ends a game with at least 30 victory tokens, they win, and everyone else loses. If a player ends a game with no more than -60 victory tokens, they lose, and everyone else wins.

Is that pretty much it?

Rounds will last at most 1 day. (Or until everyone submitted their action)
A game can have multiple rounds.

The rest is correct.

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Two supplemental questions: how many rounds does each game generally have, and how involved is each round?

tempting tbh

once a player hits 30 VTs is the entire misc over or do we keep playing for 2nd 3rd and so on?

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And to be clear most of the games arw based off another but differ in some way?

Most of the time it depends on the players.
The ones with fixed round counter usually have 10 (there is one with 15), but I think most of the games will be shorter. Also there are games where it’s possible it ends in round 1.

There are ranged from not so deep (choosing from two options) through risk-reward management (eliminiating of your options) to social interactions. (Giving/getting advantage through other players.)

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If anyone hits either condition the game is over. At least, that’s the plan right now.

Manga and forum are two very different platform. Even if I want a perfect replica of a manga gamble, it’s impossible to give it back through forum experience.

They are some exceptions (like the war game from Kakegurui/Four kingdom from Liars game, but those games worked in the manga bacause of the characters and their flaws, those are just don’t work as a forum game.)


Will all of them be playable here in the forums?

None of the games needs out of forum interaction.

/in then.

I haven’t forgotten about this.

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I feel like i will be incredibly bad at this, so add me in if the game wont fill otherwise


I will just put down an example game. (In case people don’t join just because they don’t know what kind of games to expect.)
I won’t answer any question about any teased game, unless they come up during 30.

example game (easy)

Minority rule blind [-1, +5]

At the start of each round two options will given publicly.

Then each player has to choose one of the two options in private.

After each active player gives their choice, the option chosen by majority will be revealed, and the players who voted with the majority will be eliminated, but only the players themself will know if they are eliminated or not. In case of a tie, no one is eliminated, and it is publicly announced.

The rounds are repeated until only one or two players are left as the winner.

The winner(s) gain 5 victory tokens.
The players eliminated in the first round gain zero token.
The players eliminated in the second round gain 2 tokens.
Everyone else loses 1 token.

Reference (manga): Liar game, volume 2. (Chapter 8-17)

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example game (medium difficulty)

12 contest battle [-12, +12]

Goal: win the most contests possible in a row.

There will be 12 rounds.

At the start of the game and after every 4 rounds everyone gains 4 figures and a power-up. Each of those are one-use items. Each figure you are gaining will always be rank 1, even if you powered up, the same figure in one of your earlier games. These figures are: thw Commoner, the Soldier, the General and the King.

The Soldier is stronger than the Commoner, the General is stronger than the Soldier and the King is stronger than the General. Without power-ups everyone loses battle against the people who are stronger than them. The only exception is the Commoner, who defeats the King in a contest. Two figure with the same strength end up in a draw.

Each round will have 5 phases.

Phase 1. Deciding the match-ups.
Phase 2. Choose your figure.
Phase 3. Reveal the figures.
Phase 4. Choosing the use of power-up.
Phase 5. Deciding the winner.

The phases in detail:

Phase 1: Deciding the match-up.

Each round you will play against a different player based on previous rounds. The players with the longest (current) win streak will be paired with other players with the longest win streak, and the players with the longest (current) losing spree, will paired with the players with the longest losing spree. (or if it is not applicable, the match-ups will be randomized). These match-ups are public knowledge.

Phase 2.

After you learn your opponent, you have to choose one of your remaining figure to send out in a battle in private.

Phase 3.

After both people choose a figure, your opponent (and only your opponent) will learn which figure you chose.

Phase 4.

After you see your opponent’s figure, you can choose to power-up (in the 12th round you automatically will use up every power-up you still have). Each power-up makes your figure 1 rank stronger.
A rank 2 soldier has the same strength as a rank 1 general.
(A rank 2 King defeats a rank 1 Commoner, and a rank 2 commoner defeats a rank 2 King.)

Phase 5. Deciding the winner:

The winner of the contest gains 1 to their ongoing winning streak. The loser gains 1 to their losing spree. Draws don’t end winning streaks, but they end losing sprees. (The final phase won’t be revealed to anyone until the end of game.)

Rewards: each player gets an equal amount of victory token than their longest winning streak, subtracting the value of their longest losing spree. So the maximum you can get is 12 and the most you can lose is also 12 victory tokens.

The player(s) with the most victories, won’t lose their losing spree from their winnings.

Reference (manga): acma:game chapter 35-40, (the hundred contest)

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