6789th poster gets a cookie (cookie thread cookie thread)

which honestly i should probably be doing now because im in 11th grade now, the year in which you make all the college decisions but

alternatively, I could just steal novali’s list

i was considering getting a job but now that ive went to college 2 days a week for so many weeks and how that has affected my brain i think i would lije not to do that

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i definitely need a job tbh

biggest problem being “my school gets out very late”

The amazing part of all this is being able to keep track of more than 35 dates at once.

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i think may lost to the captcha

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I fell ment all y asleep and played Splatoon for 5000

did you manage to make the steam account

Yes but to buy Age of Empires I have to decide which thing to purchase and something something DLC multiplayer etc etc et al

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Did you lose access to your faction chat when you were int he rift

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apparently this isn’t necessary you only need to pay to send requests

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give me your steam name

what color is the book in your role channel

not real