Cookie Thread Act 2: Silksong

Continuing the discussion from Cookie Thread Act 1: A Cookie in Time - #30006 by Geyde.

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Cookie thread 2 cookies:
1409 - benguinedparbecue
4444 - Zugzwang
6789 - May
8008 - Amelia
12345 - Silviu
15051 - Eliza
18012 - May
21234 - Marshal
23456 - Marshal
25000 - Marshal
27777 - Italy
30014 - Litten

I killed it

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Ph okay

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shut up geyde

It’s automatic that’s better

Humanity shall not progress

why does the system have an anime pfp


I was RUSHING to create “1st poster gets a cookie”. And then the computer did it. Seething

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I DID create it

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I don’t like you

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geyde what have you done

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Welp, is it fun anymore if the grind is OVER?


the grind has only just begun


i cant believe cookie thread ended with me trying to get in a locker. truly it was a sign of the doom to come

does the 1409th post in this thread get the cookie, given that the system was 6 posts late

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anyway the most pathetic ace attorney character is just phoenix himself

no we’re back to 1000th