'80s Wild Overhaul FM - Signups (FULL)

DybuDabu had good reads and everyone is looking for Dybu Dabu.
He has been missing for roughly 3 years now.

Maybe DybuDabu will join my game when it starts up, it would be an absolute privilege.

Guillo wasn’t on FoL when Dybu Dabu 1st played.
It isn’t him 100%.

I don’t think DybuDabu was an Alt.

Uhh… /In. Sure.

did you see my in?

I did. Let me add your name to the list.

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Closed rolemadness. :face_with_spiral_eyes:

I’ll /in as well.

I attempted to balance this.

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Did you succeed? What did it cost?

@Atlas Quick!
Get on your DybuDabu Account!




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Question, cause I want to know if it was me or not.

How did you find out about this site?

I advertised it on NUF.

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Ah ok.

does it start when full?

can /sub if more people want to join