Always willing to be a cohost

May be a good idea to include timezones as well, that way those who need a co-host can make sure most hours are covered?


Agreed. It does. ^_^

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A very good idea.

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You’re welcome too.

You heard it guys, I’m based

leafia is clearly doing this so they can put this on their resume for a job application smh


Maaaaaaybe. Giggles

i don’t like FM and have 0 FM experience but what i do have is insufferable amounts of purple prose ready to be dropped on unsuspecting roleplay game players
so if that ever goes on and you need someone to be insufferably verbose i’m here
i just don’t do FM stuff

(i’m not putting myself on the sheet because my life is super wonky rn)


You thought you are a big troller, but you forgot to take Silviu, the one with the sunset profile picture in consideration, it’s only your fault you failed to realize the nature of such a player.


Eliza go to sleep


And know you anything of me? Dare you accuse me of ignorance when you cannot peer beyond my mask to perceive the truth of my nature? Unassuming though I may appear, this facade is merely that. Nothing but a mask to cover the infinite depths of my being.

You are foolish to believe I cannot be more than I seem. That I cannot write with eloquence; that I am a simpleton with the mind of the common man. You underestimate me, for, in the darkest hours of the night, when the stars shine down with an uncaring light, my subconscious mind weaves tales you cannot even begin to comprehend, with threads of words that flow like silk, with the richness of the color of a thousand sunsets in all their majesty.

The art of wordsmithing is more than just that- it is the truest expression of the soul, it is the very act of creation and communication of concepts borne of chemical electrical signals in a system still to be understood by contemporary science. Language itself is the gift given to me by my ancestors, by their kin and comrades, forging its evolution tirelessly over countless generations. Who am I to shun what they bequeathed to me?

We will awake as one to see the sunrise, the truth dawning to meet the eyes of all, to guide us in stepping forth into a new day. And, should fate deem it so, with my wit drawn as my weapon to beat back complacency, I shall be the one to open the eyes of those who would rather stay asleep.

And we shall rise, and never turn back.

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Eliza I said go to sleep


I swear in one of these days I will accidentally call Eliza as Elsa


It certainly wouldn’t surprise me. Giggles


Willing to co-host as well.

Eastern time.

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You can edit it into the OP.

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But I’m scared…

Of what?

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Ah. No need to be afraid of me.