Behind the Mask: Now you see me. [cancelled]

If Merchant would break the deal, the host will enforce them to do it.

The other person doesn’t have this disadvantage, but if they break the deal, the Merchant isn’t forced anymore.

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You are correct, my bad.
Let me fix it in a moment.

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It’s official now.
Aristrocrat is renamed to Aristrocat.


I dunno.

That’s why I put down both disclaimer.

With three extra roles and a fixed challenge list, it wasn’t that hard.
I know It’s a bad example but I don’t know any other BtM with this concept.

Grand idea BtM used very different mechanics.

Where is role 36

/join as the weevil

I totally missed that, sorry.
Put them on the rolelist

(I really hope there is no more mistakes like this one in the OP)


Also It’s the Merchant’s job to make their deals appealing for the other player and the same time advantagous for themself.

Also if the other person accept a deal which they don’t conclude, it won’t take away from the Merchant’s charges. (since it was not a succesfull deal)

you know i get the feeling this guy isnt really good at his job


He is just bribed to look away.

And he needs to look after less people afterwards, so it’s fine for him anyway. (these are the direct killing actions, to be fair.)

“I know you just got stabbed to death by that guy, but I think that guy rigging a bet he had is more important”

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how the hell does that work

gardener seems OP if you just… have an ally

psychologist is OP, like professor was before. this is hardly a nerf

forger seems too strong
pharmacist probably too strong



warden seems shit

broker is weak
burgler is weak (and why are its rankings terrible? it doesn’t even have a good ability)
aristocat is shit
ronin is shit

impersonator seems pretty bad but i might just not understand how it works

i don’t understand how merchant works - what classes as a “benefit”?


Gardener might be OP with an ally, but with a limited free guess/guess immunity they can be backstabed any time.
You should notice, they cannot give the flower to the Party they are planning to use guess other players.

Psycho becomes OP in late game, but one misstep can cause their deaths. (also I hope players won’t claim their roles left and right with the limited guess immunity)

Forger is a well tested role in 16-20 player games. Any less would be UP any more would be OP.

Burgler: if stealing people life-saving gifts isn’t a strong ability, I don’t know what count as strong…

The pharmacist’s mentioning about the draw is about the steroided players who both lost their steroid in the last two cycle. (instead of RNGing the winner in this extreme case)

The Knight usually isn’t a core role, but it is in this game.

I need to see them in practice to give you any opinion. For me they don’t seem that bad as you say.

also before i forget
i’ll decide mask later

im not joining but this is INCREDIBLY based lets go someone get like a million gifts

join or nerd



start cyberbullying people
always worked for me


/In as the Swan