Behind the Mask: Now you see me. [cancelled]

Behind the mask: Illusions.
Hosted by Marluna and ElizaThePsycho.

General Basics:
-keep the forum roles in mind.
-Every PM in this game should include both Marluna and ElizaThePsycho (and not this account.)
-The last player standing is the victor. There can only be 1 survivor.
-A player’s role is not revealed when they die (of course, if their role was guessed you might know it).
-Each player will have a different role.

-dead players are allowed to communicate in the game thread.
-every role which reveals their action to the public acts at the end of their respective phase. (aka MAA killing someone will be announced at the end of VP, and so on.) The only exception from this rule is the Sorcerer.
-after the first player dies, everyone can pick a player to sponsor, until the end of the next phase. (You cannot pick yourself) They win if their sponsored player win. (if someone doesn’t pick, their pick will be randomized.)
-If a dead player has charges left from their ability, once per game they can give their ability to any living player, for a single phase.
Dead players need to PM me, before the phase starts, if they want to give their ability to someone. (if their power is useful in VP, they need to choose giving the power during AP.) The targeted player will be notified and have a single phase to decide what to do with it.

The game have a 4 phase cycle, challenge phase, preparation phase, action phase, voting phase.
After Voting phase starts the next challenge phase, and the cycle repeats until there is a sole Survivor.

Challenge Phase

The game starts with a Challenge phase
The Challenge Phase lasts at least 24 hours or until all player submitted a challenge.
-The game begins on this phase.
-Players may challenge other players to dances, duels or intellect battle in the first half of the phase via PMing the host.
-players can use encore only in this half of the CP.
-If a player does not wish to challenge, they may instead “/nochallenge”.

Preparation phase:

-the Preparation phase last 24 hours or until all intended challenges have a conclusion.
-Preparation phase is after the challenge phase, and happens only if at least one player challenged an other player.
-Once issued, the challenged player must choose whether to “/accept” the challenge or use a “/deny” via PM to the host (all players begin the game with a deny).
-If the challenged player does not respond in reasonable time, the challenge is automatically accepted.
-The results of the challenges will be posted at the end of the Action Phase (see Action Phase).
-The victors of duels and dances are determined by which player’s roles are higher on the respective list (see below), plus any interfering abilities.
The positions inside each category will be randomized at the start of the game. This list will be fixed through the game, but won’t be revealed.
(with no interference, person in “excellent in duel” will win against someone in “good in duel”, but if two people both in “excellent in duel” make a duel challenge the victor is based on a secret list, and without interference the victor always will be the same.)

Action Phase

-The Action Phase lasts 24 hours, or until all actions have been received.
-Roles with abilities that are used during the Action Phase can PM the moderator to use them. Currently, this is the Blacksmith and Musician.
-Players have to select gifts during this phase (see below).
-For each challenge participated in, the player earns one gift. Gifts are not revealed.
-The results for challenges will be posted at the end of the Action Phase.

Voting Phase

-The Voting Phase lasts 48 hours, OR until all players have voted and all players have switched or noswitched.
-The Voting Phase will occur during the first round, and there will be an execution.
-Any player who lost a duel or dance during the past Challenge Phase is a valid vote target.

-You may “/switch” your plate of food with the plate of another player, consuming a plate switch (each player begins with one plate switch).

-The player with the most votes at the end of the phase will be executed.
-Ties are settled by the hosts’ discretion
-Each player is given a plate of food.
-At the end of the phase, each player eats the food in front of them.
-Players who eat poison food will die. (unless something prevents this.)
-In addition, once per game, if you received a free guess as a gift, you must use it during this Phase. If you are correct, that player will be executed at the end of the Dinner Phase. All attempted guesses are revealed at the end of the Dinner Phase.
-You always may make a guess as to another player’s role staking your life. However, if you are incorrect, you will be executed. If you are executed, your guess will be nullified, if you staking your life. (other death types don’t interfere with it.)


Extra Deny- grants an extra deny to deny a challenge (see Challenge Phase) (each player starts with one deny)

Extra Switch- grants an extra plate switch to swap plates (see voting Phase) (each player starts with one switch)

Extra encore - grants you an extra challenge during challenge phase. Cannot be used to challenge an other player multiple times. (each player starts with one encore.)

Extra vote - grants an extra vote during voting phase. You can use this only in the next voting phase.

Free Guess- during the upcoming voting Phase, you may make a guess as to a player’s role. If you are correct, they will be executed. You may only choose this gift once per game.

Guess Immunity- guesses that uses free guess considered failed during the next voting Phase. (it won’t be revealed that It failed because of guess immunity.) You may only choose this gift once per game.

Premium Food- you cannot die from poisoned food.

Poison - (If you choose this you cannot choose Premium food.)
When you choose this gift, you choose a player to poison their plate. If the Poisoner doesn’t kill anyone this gift takes effect. The player with the most poison gift in their food dies. (it will look like, it was done by the Poisoner.) in case of two or more players has the same amount as the most, no one dies from poison.

Secret gift.
You can pick this as an alive player, but you need a special condition to unlock its potential.
At the start of each challenge phase two information about the secret gift is revealed.
One of them is true, the other is a lie.

Lottery Ticket - If you are the only one to take this gift, you get 2x the amount of gifts. You can choose this gift multiple times, with exponential benefits.

The rules are simple…be the last one standing.
Or make your sponsored one win the game.

Duel rankings.

Excellent in duel: Barbarian, Blacksmith, Knight, gambler, warden

Good in duel: Man-at-arts, Soldier, poisoner, Usurper,

Adept in duel: kleptomaniac, necromancer, Prankster, sorcerer, prof, aristrocat.

Average in duel: clergyman, Investigator, Peasant, Trickster, psychologist, executive

Poor in duel: Thief, gardener, Pharmacist, broker, Forger, druid

Bad in duel: Student, judge, author, bomber, merchant, burgler

Awful in duel: Musician, Royal, duchess, blackmailer, Medic, performer

Dance rankings.

Excellent in dance: Musician, Royal, duchess, thief, performer

Good in dance: sorcerer, blackmailer, gardener, aristrocat, author

Adept in dance: Forger, judge, kleptomaniac, Trickster, medic

Average in dance: clergyman, Investigator, Peasant, psychologist, broker

Poor in dance: necromancer, Pharmacist, Prankster, gambler, prof , executive

Bad in dance: Student, Blacksmith, Warden, bomber, Usurper, burgler

Awful in dance: Barbarian, Soldier, poisoner, merchant, Man-at-arts, druid

Intellect rankings.

Excellent in intellect: psychologist, prof, judge, Trickster, Pharmacist, medic

Good in intellect: Thief, poisoner, merchant, sorcerer, investigator, executive

Adept in intellect: duchess, Warden, Man-at-arts, Soldier, broker

Average in intellect: Musician, Blacksmith, Forger, clergyman, Usurper, performer

Poor in intellect: Royal, Gambler, Forger, necromancer, author

Bad in intellect: Barbarian, Student, Peasant, Burgler, druid

Awful in intellect: gardener, bomber, Prankster, kleptomaniac, aristrocat


Barbarian (CORE)

Your appearance is fearsome, and your temper even more so. Those around you cower and tremble in fear, knowing you could squash them all like nothing more than pesky bugs underfoot.

Three times per game, during the Voting Phase, you may intimidate one player, preventing them from challenging in the challenge phase.The intimidated player must accept all challenges given to them. PM the Mod to use this power.

Only your target will know who is intimidated.

Your ability can be switched with regular switches and Thief switches.


Blackmailer (Core)

There is no currency more valuable than secrets, in this you are the richest in the land. You use them well to make others dance on your strings.

During the Action Phase, you may blackmail up to two players. PM the Moderator to use this power. You may use this power as many times as you wish.

Blackmailed players must participate in a challenge during the Challenge Phase, or they will die. The blackmailed player will know not that they are blackmailed.

Your ability can be switched with regular switches and Thief switches.

(changes for this game: can target two person, blackmailed person isn’t notified.)


Blacksmith (core)

The hissing of steel and the hammering of iron are the finest music to your ears. The manipulation of metal is your expertise, be it used for good fortune or ill.

At the beginning of the Action Phase, you will be notified of the intended winners of the accepted duels.

Fives times per game, during the Action Phase, you may change the winner of a duel, or make any duel into a draw (you have to ensure, there is at least one loser among the duelers).

You can make multiple changes during a single AP. You may use this ability only once in a duel you are involved in.

(changes for this game: 2 added charge, can use power multiple times in the same AP, can make draws.)


Court Jester (core)

Life is nothing but the grandest game of all, and you are it’s shining star. A game’s no use without it’s protagonist, and you’ll stop at nothing to see your show go on.

When a player dies by non-execution as well as at the start of the game your positions on the challenge lists are randomized.

You will be notified of which challenge ranking you are in after each change.

Once per game during the Action phase, you may choose to entertain your fellow competitors and force a skip of the current voting phase and prevent everything. *

(changes for this game: CJ starts the game already randomized.)

Man-At-Arms (core)

Two can keep a secret…if you’ve shot one. Your trusty gun and silencer never leave your side, and you know that the simplest way to get rid of your competition is to silence them permanently.

Once per voting phase, you may shoot one person. They will not survive the shot unless they are protected.

You can only shoot losers of challenges.

Additionally, you also gain an additional bullet every time you defeat a player in a duel or dance.

You cannot store more than 1 shot at a time.

The shooting is silent, meaning it does not reveal your role.

You start off with one shot.


Musician (core)

Born with perfect pitch and keen ears, you hear the world like no other. And like no other, you know best how to expertly guide the rise and fall of a crescendo into what could be a saving grace or fatal mistake.

At the beginning of the Action Phase, you will be notified of the intended winners of the accepted dances.

Five times per game total, during the Action Phase, you may change the winner of a dance, or make any dance into a draw (you have to ensure, there is at least one loser among the dancers).

You can make multiple changes during the same AP.

PM the Moderator to use this power. You may only use this ability once on a dance you are involved in.

(changes for this game: 2 added charge, can use power multiple times in the same AP, can make draws.)


Nymph (core)

You are an ever-changing spirit representative of Nature itself, showcasing the serenity and grace of water to the ferocity and aggression of fire. Stagnation is a foreign word to you, as change and adaptation are woven into your being.

Each voting phase your form will change into one of your six forms, different from before.

Each form you are on top of one challenge list, the bottom of one other, and in the middle on the third.

Fire form: top on duel, bottom on dance
Water form: top on Dance, bottom on duel
Magma form: top on Duel, bottom on intellect
Coal form: top on intellect, bottom of duel
Lava form: top on Dance, bottom on intellect
Diamond form: top on intellect, bottom on Dance.

Once per game, during voting phase, you can assume your Natural form putting you in the middle on each challenge list.

You start in a random form. (you will notified which.)

(changes for this game: inherited some of the Monk’s abilities.)


Poisoner (core)

Your art is simple- that of the last meal. You almost pity your victims, dying at the dining room table is such a shameful way to go.

You may poison a player’s food during the Action Phase. If they eat it, they will die during the voting phase. PM the Moderator to use this power.

Your ability can be switched with regular switches and Thief switches.


Royal (core)

As sure as the sun rises in the east, you are the superior of all around you- and these background characters are all subject to your almighty whim. Royalty bows for no man.

Each voting phase you gain an bonus extra vote gift, and you are not forced to use your extra vote gifts the same time you gained them.

Once per game, during the Voting Phase, you may force an execution on any legitimate target. (regardless of the current votecount.) PM the Moderator to use this power…

(changes for this game: secret vote changed into a gift advantage.)


Soldier (core)

You have seen terrible things, and been through horrors no soul should witness. You are hardened to all danger, nothing affects you now.

You are immune to any drugs. Including poison, and all drugs of the Pharmacist.
You are a tough guy, you cannot be intimidated.
As an army man you don’t have secrets, you cannot be blackmailed.
The MAA shots won’t kill you.

If the Knight dies, you will become the new Knight. (keeping all of your immunity)

(changes for this game: extra immunity, replacing Knight, upon Knight’s dead)

Knight (core [Altough its not a core role])

You are a Knight!

Fair combat is your style, for there is true honour when blade meets blade. You find the best way to learn of someone is by your code of honour, trial by combat.

Any challenges you participate secretly count as duels.

It will still appear to be its respective challenge
Blacksmith Musician and Prof won’t know the difference. (Although it’s a duel, the Musician can change the outcome, not the Blacksmith, same goes for intellect.)

If you die, the Soldier will take your place.


Student (core)

Your mind has always been an eager sponge, quickly absorbing all the knowledge you could learn. These deadly contests are simply more things to learn, even if the stakes are much higher than a failing grade.

Each time you lose a challenge, you move up two slots on the corresponding list. Dead players count as being on the lists.

Each start of the CP you learn which position you are at that moment on each list. (this includes CP1)

Thief (core)

Robbing and paranoia run circles around your skull, constantly battling it out. This Russian roulette of poisoned plates is no match for your sticky fingers.

You may switch player’s plates up to 2 times each Dinner Phase secretly - they will be processed as if they are normal switches. Pm the Moderator to use this power.

If the poisoner dies, you gain a Bonus poison gift each AP, and from that point onward, your poison gifts take priority, when calculating casualties. Also from that point you can choose premium food and poison gifts at the same time.


Peasant (core)

You’ve spent your life in the shadows of your “betters”, those destined for bigger and better. Fortunately for you, a life behind the scenes has led to a finely-honed sense of knowing whether anything is awry.

You will be notified whenever any changes happen. (be it challenges, positions, roles, plates or anything else.)

You will know which role prompted the change, but not the exact results.

If a role use their ability multiple times during the same phase, you will be prompted only once.

(role overhaul)


Clergyman (core)

One held in high regard when it comes to the church and religious practices of the land. Holding high influence over many important political and social elites alike, under your word many decisions are made and changed and under your order you can put an end to certain practices you may not deem worthy to continue onward. For the safety of the land and potentially a little personal gain.

Five times per game, during the Action Phase, you may force a Draw between two challengers.

As the Challenge will be deemed a Draw, this challenge will not count towards eligibility for voting.

Both will still gain the gifts granted to them for challenging but the results will only be listed as a Draw.

Only Yourself and the Blacksmith/Musician/Prof will still know the true results dependent on the challenge
If they changed the result, you will see the changed result only.

You may only force yourself into a Draw once.

If the Musician, the prof, or the Blacksmith dies, you will take up their role. (with your remaining charges.) If multiple of them dies at the same time, you can choose.


Prof (core)

At the beginning of the Action Phase, you will be notified of the intended winners of the accepted intellect battles.

Fives times per game, during the Action Phase, you may change the winner of an intellect, or make any intellect into a draw (you have to ensure, there is at least one loser among the duelers).

You can make multiple changes during a single AP. You may use this ability only once in a challenge you are involved in.


Pharmacist (17+)

You are a Pharmacist!

Once a man with integrity. You ran a successful business, until one day the King of your nation seized your assets to prevent you from obtaining more wealth than him. You came here to wage revenge against this King, and defeat him in war. You are willing to do anything to get this castle, even harm the innocent. people in this castle.

You may drug somebody’s food. Drugged food guarantees that the victim automatically loses all their challenges next CP. (musician/Blacksmith/clergyman still can change these.)

Additionally, you may give someone steroids. This will bring them to the top of both lists for one phase (above everything), but they will suffer by being on the bottom of both lists for three cycles. (making their challenges a draw by default.)

Also you may give them a sedative. Sedative food causes the victim to fall asleep midday the day afterwards, preventing them from voting/guessing during the next voting phase. (if they took free guess, its duration is prolonged to the next cycle.)

You can use two of your three powers each action phase, but you cannot give drugs and steroids to the same person in the same phase.
Also you need to use a different combination than you used in the last AP.

Players are not told if they are drugged, steroided.

But it will be revealed next VP if they are sedated.

Your abilities cannot be stopped by Premium Food.

Your abilities can be switched with regular switches and Thief switches.

(changes for this game:added 3rd ability, can use 2 ability the same time)

Sorcerer (17+)

Why must the magical elite linger among the unpowered civilians? No matter. Your victory is near certain, as you are obvious the the most cunning and clever person here. The other contestants must be grateful that your powers are too flashy.

Once per game, you may choose a player to magically kill. PM the Moderator to use this power.

you cannot use it if you are one of the losers in a voting phase.

you cannot use the power before Challenge phase 2.

after you use this ability, you will lose two position on both challenge list after each Action phase.

.(role overhaul)

Author (17+)

You are an Author!

Ink at hand with pen and parchment, you strive to make the greatest story. Be it from scandals or centrifuge, your words dart across the world like an inanimate hand. And with those words comes power.

Each voting phase, you may attempt to predict a standard guess. PM the moderator to use this power. You may make as many predictions as there are roles, and may make them all in the same phase or divide them between rounds.

You may only predict each role once per game.

If any roles you predict are guessed at that phase, those guesses are failed (even if right.) and you learn the roles of those who had their guesses failed because of you. (but if there are multiple failed guesses in the same phase, you won’t learn which role is which player.)

Ronin (17+)

Wandering in a land far from your own, you’ve had to take steps to survive in these strange lands. Now that you finally have the chance to settle down, it’s time to put all of your skills to the test.

Your position in the duel/dance lists is always in the middle of any challenge list of the alive players.

(with odd numbers you are exactly at the middle, with even numbers you are one above the middle.)

For players who are moving on the challenge list, you are not considered being on the list.

As players die, your position update accordingly based on the remaining pool of players.

Investigator (17+)

You are a famed investigator, called in to investigate the strange goings on at this mysterious castle. Looking around at your fellow guests, you’ll need all of your deduction abilities to survive.

During the action phase, you may PM the Moderator 2 players to act out the scene of the challenge.

You will learn who would win that challenge in a hypothetical scenario (completely immune to switches and fluctuations.)


Medic. (17+)

For each challenge you win, you gain one stack of your abilities.

For each stack you can use one of your abilities:

Target a player during AP, their challenges cannot be tampered with. (if they or their challenge partner would die from a result of they challenge, you prevent that too.) For each tamper you prevented, you will gain a gift. (you choose.)

Target a player during AP or VP to be immune to any kills during that phase. For each attempted kill you prevented, you will gain a gift. (you choose)

Target a player during AP to be immune to execution in the next VP. If they would be executed, the next player with the highest vote is executed. If you succesafully prevent an execution, you cannot prevent any more execution, but gain all of the gift from the player you saved. (they will lose it all.)

You cannot target yourself with your first two abilities.

(buffed version of Entertainer)

Usurper. (20+)

The first time you would die (except guesses or regular execution), you kill the person responsible for your death, and gain their role. They will be announced, like you killed them with your new role.

.(changes for this game: their ability become a automatic self defense instead of player chose.)

Trickster (20+)

Back in your town, you were notorious for changing the intended outcomes of events. You turned weddings into divorces, murders into serial killings, and much more with the single inspiration of thought. You came here to test your skills.

Each Action phase you may tag at most 4 participants with a card, be it an Ace, King, Joker.

The effects of these cards only happen when paired after the challenge phase, the effect varies depending of the pairing.

Ace+Ace/King+King/Joker+Joker yields no effects.

Ace+King both combatants gain an additional gift. (they will notified at the start of AP)

Ace+Joker the challenge becomes a death challenge. (the loser will die.)

King+Joker each player will lose a random gift. (they will not know until the end of AP)

You always need to have at least one more King or Ace seperately as Joker.

At the start of the Action phase you will know how many of each card are in play. (dead players aren’t included.)

Your ability can be switched with regular switches and Thief switches.

(changes for this game: limited card pool instead of giving everyone a card)

Judge (20+)

Nominated into position, it is up to you to interpret the law however you like. Your word carries weight that others can only dream of, and you use this power to its fullest potential. Whether its stopping a skirmish before it happens, or even pushing men into battle, when all is said and done, you have the ultimate say.

5 times per game during the Preparation phase you may cancel any challenge given or choose to force/deny any challenge.

you will use your own deny if you choose to deny a challenge

the challenged player will gain back their deny if you force a challenge/cancel a challenge, which they would deny at that phase.


Prankster (20+)

Fool me once - shame on you.

Fool me twice - I’m an idiot.

This role cannot rand without Trickster

Five times per game, you can give any person a fake message. It replaces any other message that they would receive. (they receive your message at the start of the next phase.)

If they would get a message, from any other source than their own role, you will learn, which message they should have gotten.

If the Trickster dies, you will become the new trickster.


Necromancer. (20+)

You first learned the art of undeath in a dark, cold dungeon, where dead men were regularly resurrected to extract information from. Now you have come to this meeting to use your powers to gain unimaginable wealth and power. Your opponents will quiver before your mastery of death.

Three times per game, during the Action Phase, you may use an ability from a dead player whose role you know, either from being guessed or from your second ability, or any other role-related reason.

You will see the roles of the first three players who die and may use their role as abilities.

Your challenge placements change based on the role ability you are using. Once you use an ability, starting from the next voting phase you will have the dance and duel list ranking of the role whose ability you are using until you choose another ability. You may not use the same ability twice.

Impersonator (20+)

You are the Impersonator, a talented individual who knows exactly how to fool people into believing they’re someone else… except, of course, who you impersonate, but that’s a small roadblock in your ultimate schemes.

You automatically lose any challenge you participate in.

5 Times per game during the preparation phase, you may choose to intervene on any challenge. (you won’t get back your charge if the challenge was denied.)

If you do this, you will take the place of one of the two players in that challenge of your choosing, using your placements on the list instead.

Your impersonated victim will take the fall for any losses that happen during an intervened challenge, but you won’t receive any gifts.

No one will be notified that this has taken place. If you impersonate your challenge partner, the challenge will be a draw (and the Musician/Blacksmith/prof will gain this information at the start of the AP.)


The Doppleganger. (special)

This role automatically rolls, if Impersonator rolls in the game, and this is the only way it can be rolled.

You know one not core role in the game (which is not the Impersonator), and take the exact same position as them.

Once per game you can guess which player has that role. You will gain their abilities.

If you guess someone correctly at Voting phase, (with your free guess, or death stake guess.) you gain their abilities and positions.


Executive (20+)

You were a high class member among many. Making deals and settling disputes until 1 went dull and inverted your conscious to something less concerned. Now you only care for yourself

Three times per game, during the voting phase, give a player of your choice a briefcase. They will not be notified. You will assume their positions on all challenge lists until the end of the next voting phase; you will not know what your positions are.

During the action phase you may make an order to stop any changes from duels/dances from taking place 2 times per game. Only you will know this.


Gardener (25+)

You carefully give out the prettiest flowers in your basket, nothing more and nothing less. But who could wish harm upon the giver of such a beautiful gift?

Every Action Phase, you may choose a target to give a flower.

This Player will no longer be able to guess anyone as the Gardener for the rest of the game.

You additionally can give someone a gardening tool each action phase. Gardener guesses will be correct on them. (even after you died.)

You cannot guess anyone as the Gardener.

Every target will be notified.

Psychologist (25+)

You are a Psychologist

It took years to learn but finally you have done it! You travel the world to amaze people! It takes a small look and you know everything about a person.

Each AP you can choose an incorrect guess made earlier.

You learn on which challenge list where the guessed role is closer to the actual role of the player, at the AP you use this ability.

You like a challenge. If you use a death stake guess submit two guesses instead. Only the first guess/correct guess will be revealed.

Each correct death stake guess gives you one more chance for the following death stake guesses.

(with your second, you can guess three, with your third you can guess four, and so on.)


Forger (25+)

You are known in crime rings as the great “El Bromista”. They credit you with being able to forge any document to make… things happen that they will never know about. One day the boss singled you out and sent you to a party, under the disguise of a regular party-goers mask. The goal was to come out alive.

During the challenge phase, you may PM the moderator to secretly challenge someone on top of your normal challenge.

The secret challenge will not appear in challenge posts, nor will the challenged player know about it.

It acts as a normal challenge except from this change:
If you win the challenge, the other person is instantly killed. You will secretly know their role.
If you lose the challenge (or something prevents you from killing them), you are revealed as the Forger and instantly killed.

Gambler (25+)

During each action phase, you have to make a guess on 1 dance or duel, stating which player will lose the duel. if you’re correct that player dies and everyone will know.

if you’re wrong, for the first two time, nothing happens, the 3rd time you’re wrong, you die.

Draws are considered neither a failure or a victory.

If you fail to submit a guess, that will be considered as a wrong guess.


Warden (25+)

You are a Warden!

As the head of an isolated, maximum security prison which holds some of the most notorious criminals to date, it’s no wonder that lawbreakers around the world fear you and the power you possess. You’ve come here to bring these wanted wrongdoers to justice, even if you must sacrifice everything in the process.

Every voting Phase, you may choose to watch a player. At the start of the next voting Phase, you will know if they performed an action or not as well as how many actions, while you were watching them.

You will not be told in which phase(s) the watched player performed an action.

The player will not know that they are being watched.

Once per game during the voting Phase, you may issue a silent lockdown.

This “lockdown” will last until the end of the next voting Phase.

During a lockdown, any illegal activity’s final target will be reported to the Warden.

This includes: intimidation, blackmail, poisoning and using drugs or seductives. (technically forging, shooting other persons, and gambling should be here too, but the Warden overlooks these crimes.)

During the next voting Phase, guesses can be made as per usual, but the guessed role will only be revealed to you, whether correct or incorrect.

Kleptomaniac. (25+)

Each AP you can choose one role. You can choose each role only once. If the chosen role is already dead, you will gain their ability, and can use it, starting from the next VP. You gain full charges. However, you can be guessed as any role you have already chosen with your Kleptomaniac ability.

You may not gain the Necromancer ability with your own ability.



Broker (25+)

You always knew how to stock things back at home, always working a market owner’s job, and that skill comes to more use here. Why should you settle for one, when you can always get a little more…

You gain double the gifts.


Merchant! (25+)

During the Action Phase, you may anonymously (through PMs via the game host) offer one player a deal where, in exchange for some gifts, you give them benefits.

The parameters of the deal are determined by the Merchant, i.e. they may ask for two of any gift, or for one Extra Deny, or that they get the gift from the client’s challenge.

And they can choose to give any kind benefits. (the restrictions: Merchant cannot directly kill anyone, cannot revive any dead players, (and cannot force anyone to love the player… Nah…i will allow it this time…), it cannot last longer than the next Action phase.)

If your deal entails “the Merchant” using any gift, you will be forced to use this after a succesful deal.

You may make a deal an unlimited amount of times per game. However, you are no longer permitted to offer deals once you have successfully made three deals.


Performer (25+)

You are a Performer!

With your amazing performing skills you are able to make anything your stage, terror, divine happiness… no emotion is a challenge, you can make your audience feel anything.

During voting phase, you may set the mood of the game, different moods will have different results:

Terror - Any duel can be denied for free.
Apathy - Any dance can be denied for free.
Study time - Any intellect can be denied for free.
Confidence - Denying duels will require 2 denies.
Inspiration - Denying dances will require 2 denies.
Exam time - Denying intellect will require 2 denies.

The mood will be announced to everyone at the end voting phase and will lasts until you change it again, or you die.


Duchess (25+)

You stand at the top of monarchy, and refuse to deemed yourself equal to the pathetic losers. Your mask can hide your face, but your charisma is unhindered!

You will show them all who is the ruler around here.

Three times during the Action Phase, you may declare a speech and enable only the winners of the Challenge Phase to vote on the Voting Phase. Also Royal cannot force-execute anyone during those Voting phase. (even if they won a challenge.)


Bomber (30+)

During each voting phase and during the starting phase, you may plant a bomb in a player’s dish, that player will be notified they have a bomb.

The moment someone has a second bomb they blew up. (dieing in the process.)

People can get rid of their bombs, by winning a duel or a dance against someone with an other bomb, forcing the loser to blew up.

You are crazy, you start a game with a bomb on yourself.

Your ability can be switched with regular switches and Thief switches.


Aristocrat (30+)

You are an Aristocat!

From childbirth you have been a fortunate soul, money, wealth, and everything you’ve ever desired flowing into your hands like quicksilver. You own countless acres of land, more than this castle could uphold. The sole reason you’ve entered this place of murder is to practice the trade of barter. For your clientele is a shadowy business and only those with a silver tongue will make it to the top.

Three times per game, you may bribe someone. PM the moderator to use this power.

If your target was to ever die, you will receive every gift the dead player has. There are no restrictions on when you may use this power, only that you cannot use it if you are one of the losers in a voting phase.

You may have up to one bribed target at a time.


Druid (30+)

You are a Druid!

You are an old mystical man who live in harmony with the nature. You are also an expert of magic and rune making.

You have three magical runes which you can use at the end of any voting phase and they last until the end of the next voting phase. You can use only one rune at a time. You can use each rune only once.

Animate Dead - You choose a dead player and revive him. They are considered alive player during this time.

Paralyze - You paralyze a player preventing him from challenging, taking any actions and voting, but they are immune to any other effect during this time. Only the player affected this way will be notified.

Poison Bomb - You shoot a poison bomb around yourself. The poison will kill everyone who tries to make an action on you during the action phase. It will be announce at start of AP, that you used your poison bomb.


Burgler (30+)

During action Phase, you may PM the game moderator to steal another player’s gift to be used as you see fit.

You gain a charge for your ability, for every two challenge you ever participated in. (you start the game with 1 charge.)

You don’t get gifts for your challenges.

You can steal any type of gifts, if your target doesn’t have the gift you chose, you gain back the charge you used.

If the player has the gift (or chose during the AP you decided to chose from them.) you gain the gift you chose.

You cannot target the same player multiple times in the same action phase.

Puppet Master (secondary role)

You are the Puppet Master!

You grow tired of BtM games that go stale, and have made it your mission to force the games to go at a reasonable pace, by any means needed.

If players have not made their challenges or plate swaps within 24 hours of the phase starting, you may PM the moderator a selection for them. And you choose the next puppet Master. (you cannot choose yourself.)

If there is any dead player who wasn’t puppet Master yet, they have to be picked first.


The Lover (secondary role)

Whenever an action will target your other half you will be made aware whether it be blackmail, intimidation, poison, changes in dance/duels, etc. Nothing escapes your eye.

You win if your other half wins.

When your significant other dies or you claim to be the Lover, this secondary role will given to an other player randomly. (this includes dead players too.)

To join, /in with an animal mask to be referred to as.

disclaimer one:
The rolelist contains a lot of untested roles and some personal changes. (which would not benefit in smaller games) so even I don’t know how balanced the setup is.

disclaimer two
The game uses a directed role randomness. All roles indicated as CORE are guarantee to be in the game. (game won’t start below 16 player.) Each other role have a condition to be rolled (it is most case is the playercount. Once playercount reaches a specific number each role in that role can role. So a 20 player game can have 4 (20+) roles and none of the (17+) roles. The only exception are the (30+) roles. Only one of them can roll.


Reserve for signups.


  1. Nerbins as Weevil
  2. Atlas as
  3. Kiiruma as Swan
  4. Jane as Mouse
  5. Hippopablompoyeetus as ThiccSwan
  6. CRichardFortressLies as Lion
  7. Eevee as eevee
  8. Dolby as Fox
  9. Ratchet
  10. Magnus as Jackalope
  11. Plauge Simp as Crow
  12. Uni as Polar Bear

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