Boatnames: Victor chat

As the first part of your prize, you must select a player from the other team to walk the plank. This player will die.

You all have five minutes to discuss here which player you would like to kill. You may not post in thread or in any private chats while this is happening.

Vote privately (in your rolecard or in Discord DMs with Arete) on which player from the losing team should walk the plank. A random player’s selection will be chosen to die. (So if 2 of you say that Arete should die, 1 says that Chloe should die, and one says that Geyde should die, Arete is twice as likely to die as Chloe.)

Your votes are due in five minutes. (:47 good, :48 bad.)

This topic will be made public after the event.


Okay so

question @Arete can i use this to do game stuff
like “oh i think this slot is mafia so let’s off them” instead of “they sucked at codenames”


What do you have in mind, Beancat

hmmmm that changes this

cause the worst was obviously meme, objectively with the lamb i think

what’s yalls reads on these people

Guns usually have magazine of bullets.

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if it’s for game purposes im fine with flipping honestly any one of them

We should chose Someone, right?

Someone I no longer scumread due ranta and gori dying believes this may be town

Meme is nobody that give me good impression so far, Millium well…you know

gamewise i want someone > millium > meme

for game i want mem > millium >someone


well i did ont know about this and we need a choice uuuh

like i have 0 info on wisp

fk it

like this message for someone

guys come back from maifa chat ;-;