BOTC/BOTF Discussion Thread 2

Honestly, Mole + Snake Charmer feels like an interesting combination. A charmed former Demon might not want to risk outing their Minions.

mole in a 1-minion game i think just has the inherent problem of making most games at least a 50/50 for evil

I don’t think there would be a guarantee of a Mole being in play?

Evil would know because they have an extra Minion

This concern is likely why characters such as Heretic, Magician and Poppy Grower share a home script with it


Isn’t there [-1 Minion]?


Then there’s no reason for the Demon not to fire a guess right before they die in a 1 minion game

The Mole could try to get themselves killed beforehand, but I see your point.

They work when dead

Otherwise its game over if they ever die which lmao

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From what I’ve pieced together of Mole’s actual text, they’re still very capable of shenanigans; they in fact gain a Minion ability to use

And when it shares a script with Wizard… :popcorn:

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its like alchemist but more

Mole can seen as Legion too.

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This your own art?

Looks amazing first of all

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all the stuff that isnt the official art is my own art yeah
i mean i still copied the official art with my own hand but i wouldnt dare to call it “my art”

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Even so it looks just as good as the original so ya did a good job

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Very pretty! Love the magentaey-colour. Would look especially good printed or on an OLED screen I’d imagine.


It looks amazing. How did you learn to draw?

practiced a lot
studied from references and tried stuff out for myself
built my own models for the human body and refined them to be more and more accurate/streamlined