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On the discord server dedicated to BoTF, we usually like, we have a fanbase that knows they should lynch D1 but they don’t know really who because their role might be useful and I kind of agree!

VOTE: Otterpopd’s Election

The Mayor claim read alright. Would be useful to know a bit more about it in the future but for now keeping some bits secret is fine.

Also I still have 1 whisper. I currently have multiple players who are happy to do Agree / Yes to my ability. I need a Disagree / No.


Those are 2 separate points.
Otter said about being a Mayor when Otter popped in.
My whisper is available + I need to have my ability organised.

Just whisper me

So otter claimed :classical_building: and can be elected. They didn’t quite say what it does, right?


Yeah you’re right but we might learn more soon.

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VOTE: Otterpod’s Election

VOTE: Otterpopd’s Election

:tulip: :test_tube: :sleeping_bed:
:tulip: :dagger: :headstone:

This is Romeo and Juliet.


I believe you. :lizard:

that’s a ton of new messages

If i survive until f5 the game should be won i think my role is seriously the best

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I agree

(wait what)

yuh huh

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Your pfp makes me smile only because the bunny is smiling

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For good right?

A reverse boomdandy