BotF XVI - Calm Before the Storm - Signups [10/7-15]

Am I wrong?

I know when I’m not welcome. Sorry in advance.

And I’m not interested in playing with you lot who treat me as an enemy. Good day.

Anyone from nerdcord with a guilty conscience can DM me on discord.

yes youre wrong
some of us can be cold but none of us actually wish ill of you

not saying you should play if it makes you uncomfortable to be around us
but zero of us actually wish ill of you
this place is pretty chill and none of us care about your conversational faux pas for more than like 5 seconds

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also unrelated
the issue with legion on SnV is that any cere-madness execution or witch death proves definitively it’s not legion

That’s nice.

Just want to note here that I’d like to join this but timing isn’t good for me due to other games I’m in

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I have no school until Monday
/in as Butcher

/regular in (as atheist)

op has been updated

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/in at seat 13
also bumping bc more people need to sign up for this the art will be amazing!!

Also i finally looked at the list of characters and realized its SNV + athiest

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Don’t rand Demon again.

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BotF dropped when Tang did her last game didn’t it

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It’s statistically improbable… to rand Demon more than you rand Town.

I was the last BOTF (I think)

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and everyone got mad at me bc i made the setup evil sided when the game is inherently completely town sided :pensive:


Them but worse