BotF XVII: U-Pick Your Poison - D6 - Lil Monsta (And the Evil Team) Wins!

the funniest timeline is the one where the damsel guess was used by may or crazy


we ain’t got enough outsiders for drunk

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True. Going to call it a night now too so good night everyone. :sleepingleafeon:

@Amelia in light of this some moments of our whisper become much more funny

“would you believe me if i said i was the fortune teller with a ping on atlas and

It’s how I would rule it and things like these can vary from ST to ST, always important to check with your local ST :sunglasses:

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Nominations have opened.


Genuinely yall I might just solve this game right here right now

But whatever, first lemme dunk on Atlas

Guess what bitch
I’m your Puzzlemaster,

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Ok what the fuck did I miss?
I came back to see so many damsel guesses

then im sure you don’t mind saying what you claimed to me?

so youa dmit it

Yo kiiruma

I think I figured out that my puzzledrunk is between exactly CRich and Eliza

Got anything to say bout that

Which fun fact I am your damsel.

Who is an idiot and forgot we are all one of the roles we chose lmao


Mathematician with a 1

All a bluff to cover for myself

That’s good. Idk which it would be

And hint to you nerds that holy shit I was drunking someone

crazynuto would like to nominate Bellatrix



Kiiruma would like to nominate Zone @Host_Account_2

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I’ve narrowed it down all based on info I’ve learned.

Given CRich claims an info role and eliza claims Slayer, I’m leaning the former.

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glad to see you decided to throw us off on lleech
then baron/mez, lil’ monsta