BotF XVII: U-Pick Your Poison - D6 - Lil Monsta (And the Evil Team) Wins!

Storytold by @Magnus and @Jarek


Phase Lengths

Each day phase will last for 48 hours.

Discussion 12h Players may talk.
Nomination 12h Players who wish to nominate may do so at this time, and votes may begun to be cast during this time as well.
Voting 24h During this time, votes may be cast freely on any existing nomination, but no new nominations may be made. Once this time ends or all votes have been locked in, the day will resolve.

Each night phase will last for 24 hours. The game begins on a night phase.
Night actions are locked 2 hours before the start of each day.

Nominations and Voting

Once the discussion phase has ended, the Storyteller will formally announce the opening of the nomination phase. Players must be nominated before they may be voted on that day. Each player may only be nominated once per day, and each player may only nominate once per day.

When a nomination is opened, the Storyteller begins to track votes for that nomination. The players may precast votes, but the votes will lock in a clockhand format. Starting with the player below the nominee on the list, and working downwards, the votes will be locked if they are cast.

Any votes that are not cast by EoD will be considered votes to pardon. If the count of votes to execute is more than half of the number of living players, and is the highest count of votes against any player that day, the accused will be considered “about to die”. At the end of the day or when all votes on all nominations have been cast, the player who is “about to die” will be executed. If there is a tie between two or more players for the highest count of votes, the day will end with no execution. The Storyteller may only declare an early end to voting if it is no longer possible to tie or exceed the highest nomination.


Players may whisper each other in-game through private messages (including both host accounts). Whispers must be publicly announced and by mutual consent. Use /whisper [Player] to declare a whisper to a player, and the recipient may use /accept to accept the whisper. Once a whisper has been declared and accepted, the two players may whisper via private message until one of them speaks publicly in the game chat, at which point the whisper is considered broken and the players must declare whispers again if they wish to whisper.

In addition, a player may make 1 whisper per day to each neighbor of up to 15 words without announcing this in thread.

Some abilities require you to speak privately to the Storyteller during the day. If you wish to do this, you must declare so publicly using a format such as /whisper [Storyteller]. You may choose to declare this even if you do not have one of these abilities.


This game is flipless. Neither alignment nor role is revealed on death.

Dead players may continue to speak and vote, but may not nominate and have a single “vote token” for the remainder of the game. They may vote freely until they end the day voting a player. Once this happens, their “vote token” is spent, and they may no longer vote.

Dead players have no ability, unless otherwise stated. If a player is killed in the night before they would perform their ability, they will not do so (see “Night Action Resolution”). Any ability with a persistent effect will end upon that player’s death.



This game is designed for between 7 and 15 players. All players are assigned 1 character of the 4 character types. Players that start as Townsfolk or Outsiders are part of the Good team, the uninformed majority. Players that start as Minions or Demons are part of the Evil team, the informed minority. Players cannot change alignments unless explicitly stated.

Townsfolk have abilities that are beneficial to the Good team.

Outsiders have abilities that are harmful to the Good team.

Demons are the members of the Evil team who carry almost all the killpower for their team, and must stay alive at all costs. Except in extenuating circumstances, there will always be one living Demon while the game is in progress.

Minions are the other members of the Evil team whose abilities support the Demon.

The number of characters of each type dealt out are as follows:

Total Players Townsfolk Outsiders Minions Demons
7 5 0 1 1
8 5 1 1 1
9 5 2 1 1
10 7 0 2 1
11 7 1 2 1
12 7 2 2 1
13 9 0 3 1
14 9 1 3 1
15 9 2 3 1

Starting Evils know each others’ identities and character types, but not characters. They have no method of private communication besides whispers, as described above.

Starting Demons know three not-in-play Good characters.

The abilities of certain characters modify the game setup, by adding or subtracting certain characters or character types. These are denoted in [square brackets], and only have an effect if the character is present at the beginning of the game. Unless otherwise stated, the amount of Townsfolk is modified so that the total number of characters given out matches the total player count.


All players start with exactly one of the chosen abilities, depending on their character type. Townsfolk and Outsiders are Good characters, while Minions and Demons are Evil characters.

Night* (with an asterisk) in all contexts means “Night, except the first.”

Possible Townsfolk Characters
Pixie You start knowing 1 in-play Townsfolk. If you were mad that you were this character, you gain their ability when they die.
Dreamer Each night, choose a player (not yourself or Travellers): you learn 1 good and 1 evil character, 1 of which is correct.
Fortune Teller Each night, choose 2 players: you learn if either is a Demon. There is a good player that registers as a Demon to you.
Mathematician Each night, you learn how many players’ abilities worked abnormally (since dawn) due to another character’s ability.
Cult Leader Each night, you become the alignment of an alive neighbour. If all good players choose to join your cult, your team wins.
Innkeeper Each night*, choose 2 players: they can’t die tonight, but 1 is drunk until dusk.
Exorcist Each night*, choose a player (different to last night): the Demon, if chosen, learns who you are then doesn’t wake tonight.
Savant Each day, you may visit the Storyteller to learn 2 things in private: 1 is true & 1 is false.
Nightwatchman Once per game, at night, choose a player: they learn who you are.
Slayer Once per game, during the day, publicly choose a player: if they are the Demon, they die.
Fool The first time you die, you don’t.
Alchemist You have a not-in-play Minion ability.
Atheist The Storyteller can break the game rules & if executed, good wins, even if you are dead. [No evil characters]
Possible Outsider Characters
Puzzlemaster 1 player is drunk, even if you die. If you guess (once) who it is, learn the Demon player, but guess wrong & get false info.
Tinker You might die at any time.
Damsel All Minions know you are in play. If a Minion publicly guesses you (once), your team loses.
Drunk You do not know you are the Drunk. You think you are a Townsfolk character, but you are not.
Possible Minion Characters
Fearmonger Each night, choose a player. If you nominate & execute them, their team loses. All players know if you choose a new player.
Baron There are extra Outsiders in play. [+2 Outsiders]
Mezepheles You start knowing a secret word. The 1st good player to say this word becomes evil that night.
Evil Twin You & an opposing player know each other. If the good player is executed, evil wins. Good can’t win if you both live.
Marionette You think you are a good character but you are not. The Demon knows who you are. [You neighbour the Demon]
Possible Demon Characters
Lil’ Monsta Each night, Minions choose who babysits Lil’ Monsta’s token & “is the Demon”. A player dies each night*. [+1 Minion]
Lleech Each night*, choose a player: they die. You start by choosing an alive player: they are poisoned - you die if & only if they die.
Vortox Each night*, choose a player: they die. Townsfolk abilities yield false info. Each day, if no-one is executed, evil wins.
Night Action Resolution

All actions are processed in a specific order each night. Natural Action Resolution does not apply. Dead players have no abilities (unless stated otherwise), and if a player is dead during their turn in action resolution, they do not act (unless stated otherwise).

First Night Other Nights
Alchemist Innkeeper
Marionette Fearmonger
Lil’ Monsta Mezepheles
Lleech Exorcist
Evil Twin Vortox
Fearmonger Lleech
Mezepheles Lil’ Monsta
Pixie Damsel
Damsel Tinker
Fortune Teller Fortune Teller
Dreamer Dreamer
Nightwatchman Nightwatchman
Cult Leader Cult Leader
Mathematician Mathematician

The Storyteller is a term used to refer to us, the hosts of this game.

We will decide what happens with any open-ended ability behaviours, and will try to keep the game fun and balanced.

The extent of our ability to effect on the game is outlined above. We cannot break any existing rules, only decide what happens within the bounds of the characters’ abilities and base game rules.

The Fabled

The Fabled are special modifiers that the Storyteller can put in play to tweak the game.

Fabled will always be announced when they are in play, along with their effect upon gamestate. The most likely fabled to be included are below.

Fabled Ability
Djinn Use the Djinn’s special rule. All players know what it is.
Fiddler Once per game, at night, the Demon secretly chooses a player of an opposing alignment; All players then vote which of these two wins the game.
Hell’s Librarian Something bad might happen to whomever speaks when the Storyteller calls for silence.

Malfunctions are the primary source of interference and misinformation in this game. It is stronger than what you will find in most mafia games, and exists to counterbalance Good’s arsenal of amazingly powerful characters.

A malfunctioning character cannot affect the gamestate in any way using their ability. They cannot kill anybody, they cannot protect anyone from death, they cannot poison anybody, they cannot cause any other player to receive information.

If a malfunctioning character would receive information themselves, the information they receive is arbitrary (Storytellers decide).

The malfunctioning status lasts indefinitely, unless stated otherwise.


Good wins if all Demons are dead.

Evil wins if only 2 players live.

In the event of a tie (both teams win at the same time), Good wins.

Alternate routes to victory or defeat may exist as detailed by characters’ abilities. The list of all possible characters is above.


A Traveller is a player character that can enter or exit a game at any point. Their identity and ability are known to all players, but their alignment may be either good or evil (which is decided by the Storyteller upon their entry to the game).

When you travel in, send the storytellers your selection from this wiki page.

Unlike standard players, Travellers exist under some special circumstances.

They may be exiled by majority vote at any time, instead of executed. This vote is independent of the nomination/execution system.

They do not count as “players” for any rules or win conditions.

If they are evil, they learn who the Demon is.

In-Play Travellers
Deviant If you were funny today, you can not be exiled.
Scapegoat If a player of your alignment is executed, you might be executed instead.
Djinn’s special rules
Marionette and Lil’ Monsta The Marionette neighbors a Minion, not the Demon. The Marionette is not woken to choose who takes the Lil’ Monsta token.
Marionette and Damsel The Marionette does not learn that a Damsel is in play.
Lleech and Slayer If the Slayer slays the Lleech’s host, the host dies.


  1. Bellatrix - Evil Damsel (Killed N4)
  2. Amelia - Puzzlemaster (Killed N5)
  3. ElizaThePsycho - Slayer (Endgamed)
  4. Crazynuto - Evil Twin (Executed D2)
  5. Silviu200350 - Good Scapegoat (Exiled D3)
  6. Leafia - Alchemist (Killed N2)
  7. CRichardFortressLies Arctic - Savant (Executed D4)
  8. JakeTheWolfie - Pixie (Executed D5)
  9. Zone_Q11 - Baron (Executed D3)
  10. YoubutWorse - Good Deviant (Exiled D2)
  11. May - Dreamer (Killed N3)
  12. Caspore - Tinker (Executed Day 1)
  13. Atlas - Drunk (Endgamed)
  14. Kiiruma - Mezepheles holding Lil’ Monsta (Endgamed)

Thread Marks

SOD1 - Discussion Phase
D1 - Nomination Phase
D1 - Voting Phase
EOD1 - Caspore’s Catastrophe

SOD2 - Leafia’s Languish
D2 - Nomination Phase
D2 - Voting Phase
EOD2 - Crazynuto’s Catharsis

SOD3 - May’s Melancholy
D3 - Nomination Phase
D3 - Voting Phase
EOD3 - Zone’s Zenith

SOD4 - Bellatrix’s Bereavement
D4 - Nomination Phase
D4 - Voting Phase
EOD4 - Arctic’s Absence

SOD5 - Amelia’s Adventure

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Rolecards will be distributed shortly.

Please do not discuss the game outside host-sanctioned threads.

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All characters have been sent out.

Night 1 begins and will end in 24 hours.



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With 12 starting players, there is a base number of 7 Townsfolk, 2 Outsiders, 2 Minions, and the Demon.

These numbers may be influenced by the Atheist, Baron or Lil’ Monsta.

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One late night, unlike any other, rain and booming thunder fills the sky, and lightning splits the night in two. Under the cover of stars travels a cloaked figure, cradling a swaddle of blankets in their arms.

*On the clocktower’s stroke of midnight, through the town echoes a shocking scream, the horrible sound of betrayal. But nobody goes to investigate, not in the rain, except for Kiiruma, the town Philosopher. He finds a terrible sight; the town Storyteller, lying on their back with glassy, frozen eyes, and a Demon digging into their neck. Anyone else would kill the beast immediately, but no; this Philosopher understands the greater questions of life, of good and evil, of morality and redemption. The Demon was a Lil’ Monsta; it was helpless and in need of attention.

(Written postgame.)

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The Fearmonger has chosen a new player.

Day 1 begins. The Discussion phase will end in 12 hours.




Oh boyyyy

Good news players. There’s no Fearmonger. I’m an alchemist with the powers of a Fearmonger which is how I know.

Oh! Sweet

I chose Eliza by the way and won’t change it until we csn readlsonably say that someone is evil.

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I was so hoping to rand minion so I could claim atheist and try to get the host executed, but this is pretty neat too.

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I mean tbh that’s not much of an improvement since there’s a fair chance you could make your team lose if you’re actually the Alche instead of a regular Fearmonger

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Which is why I won’t be nominating the person I choose unless I’m sure they’re evil and I’m going to wait at least until D3 at the earliest for that.

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I’m disappointed in whoever picked nightwatchman

Fair enough but from our persepctives you could just be evil who is lying about their target. So I’m sure you can understand the concern.

Twas not me.
1 character for each character type that I chose is in.

As for me, I dearly hope that Lleech isn’t the demon. Probably one of the worst demons to have I think. I hate it. Especially after my only experience with it in the game. Kiiruma knows what I’m talking about.

so how do I tell you if you’re real you hard disproved Vortox, meaning there’s a rather high chance of it