BotF XVII: U-Pick Your Poison - D6 - Lil Monsta (And the Evil Team) Wins!

if im the lleech
why did zone get a 1, d1?

whos drunked by me?

Nono, not the Meze, you’re the Lleech.

none of these questions have been answered
rather, you’ve chosen to attack me with no explaination

ok then, fair enough

Who’s the Mezepheles.

Nominations are Open!

@atlas would is attempting to form a cult.

@atlas has also nominated @JakeTheWolfie

Why did I kill Bella

Wait, why do you have to be malfunctioning again?

nobody else is

Zone could’ve been lying then, what with teling no one publically about their result, and with being whispered by the Meze, why not let the deception flow early?

zone was only whispered by any member of the evil team later

Hm. Don’t trust that one enough to risk the game on it, I think you’re evil right now, but have fun trying :]

then kill jake

rather simple, yes?

Kiiruma. Look at who j’accused: Bella. The Baron. The player that would know that all outsiders were in play.

I am unfortunately SUPER dead and they tell me I don’t get to vote on account of not being alive. It’s very sad and sus and I will be suing about it later but for now there is naught that can be done

you realize TWO evil players died, by guessing for damsel

they clearly didn’t think they were drunked

Look at who Zone accepted a whisper from first, Nuto, who would be the Mezepheles in this instance.


why didn’t I let myself get lynched, instead of sacking nuto

i couldve hid them, hm?

Yes, but one of them was a townsfolk converted by a Mezepheles, and so they wouldn’t know whether a Damsel was alive or not.