BotF XVII: U-Pick Your Poison - D6 - Lil Monsta (And the Evil Team) Wins!

Lleech has some awesome moments and some painful ones sometimes.

I have played a lot on the BotC Unofficial server and well… I’ve been the Lleech a few times and I’ve been the host a few times too

I did? How? Curious.

Leafia’s actually the Alche Marionette but doesn’t know it because their marionette ability is fool.

If its a Vortox you learn an incorrect minion ability to what you have.

Ah. So it can’t be vortox then if that’s right.


Alchemist learns the wrong Minion ability in Vortox, and there’s no Minions on this script that choose other than Fearmonger, so you know that your info wasn’t made false


Granted if it isn’t Lleech

This is a Monsta game instead which is also a treat :froggwee:


So the demon is either lil monsta or Lleech. Neither is that good. Although lil monsta isn’t exactly bad.

That’s pretty huge info to start with.

And you can’t even be the alche marionette because 0 townsfolk or outsiders in this game choose a player and get no feedback.

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You could be the Marionette and we actually also have a fearmonger. But I digress

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We can figure that out later


Agreed. I couldn’t wait to out it ever since I learned I was the alchemist with the abilities of a fearmonger.

In a way, I got 2 of the 8 roles I picked.

So CRich or crazynuto is the demon.
Saving that down for later

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Good idea. I’ll laugh so hard if I’m actually the marionette. Can’t remember if I chose it as my second minion choice or not.

Anyway heyo all.
I have played quite a lot on the unofficial.
I now have… around 450 games in total under my belt lol

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So I’m a tad more experienced than I used to be

Dear god I saw ya there sometimes but wow

Good to be in a game with you again too Kiiruma. It has been a while.

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I have many stories.
Some highs and some lows.

Crushing defeats and insane plays and victories haha


well there goes my plan of fakeclaiming alch evil twin

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