BotF XVII: U-Pick Your Poison - D6 - Lil Monsta (And the Evil Team) Wins!

Did anyone taste onion rings?

I’m referring to American Venom.


ok but
i have to do house chores for 7 hours to get to shooting like
12 men

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Avoid house chores

Build another house all over again

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/execute Zone
/exile Silviu




Yes this sentence is complete discourse

Me, worldbuilding where both me and CRich are good:

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either im mez or eliza’s mez, in that
which would require eliza neighbour whispering nuto the word, and nuto telling zone

which, although i cannot confirm if that whisper route is possible, requires eliza to risk the evil twin to tell zone, instead of telling zone herself

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and either nuto outting eliza, or telling zone that he was the mez

which wouldn’t look right, considering how their opening post was framed towards me

i believe zone would rather believe i said the word first, unless nuto claimed to zone i was the cult leader

now that i think of it
who whispered zone to tell him the evil team, anyhow

he’d need to say the word first
which likely could’ve been public, given the difference in the mez ruling compared to BOTC

and zone could’ve
just turned on them d1 after saying it
i’d assume the evil team wouldve waited till d2

mez only takes effect during the night
zone couldve said it, be told the evil team, and killed the mez and the rest

ah, it was nuto then
how curious

further proof im telling the truth never bothered me

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before zone guessed for damsel, which i assume they talked to the evil team beforehand, the only member that could be evil

on second thought, crich whispered zone beforethen aswell

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that would point to the theory that zone would run back to the mez after being turned evil, yes?

Also if I get exiled we need to lynch the demon approximatively in 2 Days.


(Replying to Amelia)

these were all that were whispered, upon zones convert, before guessing eliza
zone would’ve likely discussed with the mez, or a middleman, before making their choice, after confirming they turned evil

we have three days to kill the babysitter, no matter whether you prevent their death
you staying around to stop the babysitter, or a good player, from dying just muddies the waters, unfortunately

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