BOTF XXIX: Midnight in the House of the Damned Signups (2/15)

me when one of the real legions asks me why my neighbors keep misregging



Lycan prevents faz from killing their target

Simply blame the Beekeeper and Magician!

Following the precedent that Poppy Grower’s death causes the evil team to learn each other as part of a Townsfolk ability, does that mean an evil player could be excluded from evil information in the case of a Poppy Grower + Beekeeper game?

that’s how beekeeper is supposed to work normally but crich removed that :pensive:

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I can fix that.

That would mean Beekeeper goes before Poppy Grower in the other night order.

/In Seat 1.
I feel bad.

I knew it! Those beekeepers and magicians are always up to no good.

I’ll give it a try. /In as seat 7.