BOTF XXIX: Midnight in the House of the Damned Signups (2/15)

Welcome to BOTF XXIX: Midnight in the House of the Damned with Super Danganronpa Another flavor.

Danganronpa Another Title Screen
Storytellers are CRichard and ThePigeonNYC.

The Storytellers

The term storyteller refers the host/s of a BoTC/BoTF game. Our job is to ensure that the game is fun and balanced for the players involved.

Phase Lengths

The day phase lasts 48 hours with the first 24 hours for discussion and the last 24 hours for nomination and voting. You can tell the truth or lie to your discretion, as long as you play to your win condition. The Global and Forum rules apply to this game, and will be enforced if needed.

Night phase lasts 24 hours and actions lock in the last hour. Players will wake to learn info, disrupt info as a minion or kill as the demon.

Nomination and Voting

A nomination occurs when a player makes the first vote on another player. Every alive player can vote on any nomination as they please. Dead players can only spend their vote once on a nomination.
A player is said to be on the block (about to be executed) once the number of votes is at least half of the living players. That player will be executed, which causes death barring abilities and the day immediately goes into night if the demon/s is/are still alive. If there is 2 or more players with the same number of votes, it’s a tie and no one would be on the block. The day will end with no execution if no one else gets enough votes to break the tie.


All players start with exactly one of the following abilities, depending on their character type. Townsfolk and Outsiders are good characters, while Minions and Demons are evil characters.

Night* (with an asterisk) in all contexts means “Night, except the first.”

Possible Townsfolk Characters
Scholar You start knowing which evil characters are in-play.
Pirate You start knowing how many pirates are in-play. If Pirates are the only good characters alive, good wins. [+0 to +2 Pirates].
Moneylender Each night, choose an alive player (not yourself): you become their alignment.
Lycanthrope Each night*, choose a living player: if good, they die, but they are the only player that can die tonight.
King Each night*, If there are 7 or fewer players alive, you learn 1 alive character. The Demon knows who you are.
Apothecary Once per game, publicly change one game rule, if the Storyteller agrees.
Huntsman Twice per game, at night, choose a living player: the Damsel, if chosen becomes a not-in-play Townsfolk. [+ the Damsel]
Magician The Demon thinks you are a Minion. Minions think you are a Demon
Choirboy If the Demon kills the King, you learn which player is the Demon. [+ the King].
Poppy Grower Minions & Demons do not know each other. If you die, they learn who each other are that night.
Merchant You & any other player may choose to make a dead. Until a new deal is made, if a player breaks the deal, 1 of you dies.
Mole You are a minion & register as evil. If the Demon publicly guesses you (once), your team loses, even if dead, drunk or poisoned.
Beekeeper One evil player registers as good and as a Townsfolk or Outsider to abilities. If you publicly guess who it is (once per game), your team wins.
Possible Outsider Characters
Heretic Whoever wins, loses & whoever loses, wins, even if you are dead.
Damsel All Minions know you are in play. If a Minion publicly guesses you (once), your team loses.
Politician If you were the player most responsible for your team losing, you change alignment & win, even if you are dead
Donkey Wrangler If you are nominated by a non-Townsfolk and the demon is not executed, your team loses. [Your token is square]
Possible Minion Characters
Wizard Once per game, choose to make a wish. If granted, your wish may have a price, and leave a clue to its nature.
Amaniti Your neighbor’s characters falsely register to good players’ abilities and their alignment might.
Goblin If you publicly claim to be the Goblin when nominated & are executed that day, your team wins.
Imposter You poison and gain the ability of the 1st in-play character that you are mad about being each day.
Possible Demon Characters
Legion Each night*, a player might die. Executions fail if only evil voted. You register as a minion too. [Most players are Legion]
Fanzazz Each night*, choose a player: they die & you become their alignment. If you die, your team loses. If only 2 players live, your team wins.
Hwisp Each night*, choose a player: they die. If a townsfolk nominates you, you die. Each day, if more than 1 good Townsfolk nominates, evil wins.
Tipi-Tipi Each night*, choose a player: they die. On the final night, a player dies instead & your chosen player is mad that you are not the demon or their team loses.
Character Traveller Sheet

The number of characters of each type dealt out are as follows:

Total Players Townsfolk Outsiders Minions Demons
5 3 0 1 1
6 3 1 1 1
7 5 0 1 1
8 5 1 1 1
9 5 2 1 1
10 7 0 2 1
11 7 1 2 1
12 7 2 2 1
13 9 0 3 1
14 9 1 3 1
15 9 2 3 1
Night Order

This is the action resolution of characters if they have a night ability.

First Night Other Nights
Poppy Grower Beekeeper
Magician Poppy Grower
Minion info Amaniti
Demon info and bluffs Imposter
Mole Lycanthrope
King Fanzazz
Amaniti Hwisp
Beekeeper Tipi-Tipi
Huntsman Legion
Damsel Merchant
Moneylender Choirboy
Pirate Huntsman
Scholar Damsel

A character whose ability doesn’t work is said to be drunk or poisoned depending on the source. While a character is drunk or poisoned, their ability has no effect on the gamestate unless stated otherwise per ability text. Sober/Healthy is the opposite of drunk/poisoned.


Upon death, a player loses their ability unless stated otherwise and is indicated with a :skull: . They are still able to speak in thread and have 1 vote for the rest of the game. Once this vote is spent, they have no more vote unless the Ferryman is in play on the final day. A dead player will not be asked to perform a night action, if they would have had one while alive.


The Good Team wins once all demon/s are dead. The Evil team wins when only 2 players are alive. If both teams would win at the same time, the game is ruled a win in favor of the Good Team. Alternative win conditions are in the character sheet above.

The Fabled

The Fabled are special characters that aid the storyteller/s in balancing the game. The Hell’s Librarian helps the storyteller call for silence if required and the Fiddler allows for the game end in the event of a deadlock.

Misc info


A Traveller is a special character catering to those who aren’t able or willing to play until the game ends. They are publicly known, do not count towards the evil win condition and their alignment is randomised per the storyteller/s.
As this is an unreleased unofficial script, the preferred travellers will be decided by the storytellers.

Flavor and Rolecards

The flavor is from the Super Danganronpa Another game. Credit goes to LINUJ.
Rolecards will show a character from the game.

Example Rolecard

Welcome to Midnight in the House of the Damned. You are Rei Mekaru.

Your character is [REDACTED] Your win condition is [REDACTED].

Flips will only show the character and not the character + associated win condition.


  1. Magnus
  2. Leafia

How are you running Merchant, Donkey Wrangler, and Wizard?

I’ll talk with Pigeon 1st to make sure we’re in agreement on those 3.

Here I am.

Isn’t it impossible for the demon to be bee kept with a donkey wrangler in play
Abiltiies trump tie win cons

What happens if they can’t die?

The alignment change isn’t linked with the death so the fanzazz just flips

.>super danganronpa another


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I don’t play BOTF but I fully support this + if you ever decide to use the sequel as flavor

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bruh on the forums

Oh right, more questions with how you’re running characters.
Is the Mole included in Minion info? I’m asking because in the night action order, you listed them as going afterwards.
Does the Mole replace or add a Minion, as you’re running it?
Do they have a Minion ability?

More questions! Does a mole goblin register as evil affect the goblin win con?

Merchant deals are declared in whisper. We’ll go from top to bottom of the player list asking if they want the Donkey Wrangler Token. Wizard wish is done whispering the STs.

The Mole is included in minion info. It’s the same as how a Damsel shows up in minion info, even though it’s later in the night order. The Mole if in play would be seen as an extra minion and yes they have a minion ability, except they are good aligned and lose if the demon guesses them.

Tangentially related, how would Mole + Legion work? Unlike the Magician who can appear as a Demon or Minion to different character types, the Mole can only typically appear as a Minion. Would Legion learn a singular Minion?

The Legion would see the Mole as one of their own.

A Mole Goblin would work the same as Alchemist Goblin.

Would the Mole still have a Minion ability of their own?

Yes. “You are a minion” from Mole text means they have a minion ability and all.

This is unclear.