[BUG] The Infinite Notification

I have become haunted by a ghost Notification

I have no messages pending yet am constantly trapped with a notification. A true pity.

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When you receive a new notification, click the “dismiss” button at the end of the tab.

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I don’t have a new notifcation

mfer trying to gaslight me :church: :church:

@Magnus Update: I don’t have a dismiss button

Normally I should have



But I dont

skill issue ig

do you see a Dismiss All button when you go to https://www.fortressoflies.com/u/Brakuren/notifications

it will likely be greyed out & unclickable

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Log out and back in and lmk if that remains that way

yeah its fixed

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okay im going to send you a PM once you acknowledge this post
instead of opening the PM, click that dismiss button

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no clicking dismiss all fixed it


:+1: sick

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gj chlo

I had that problem once myself.