Call for Reviewers

Hi everyone! We’ve had a couple people step down from the review team or have less time available to commit to reviewing, and we’re looking for more reviewers so that we can keep things running smoothly.

What is the process for applying to become a reviewer?

First, reach out to @Arete and let me know that you’re interested. After that, there is an interview process.

The first part of the process consists of an application with several questions about you, your experience, and your approach. There are no right or wrong answers, just try to answer honestly.

The second part of the process consists of a “practical test,” where we will give you some sample setups and ask you questions about them. It’s okay if you don’t come to the exact same conclusions as us, the main thing we want to see is your process and approach.

We’ll decide based on those components whether we want to accept you as a reviewer. If we do, you’ll review one setup with guidance from an experienced FoL reviewer, and then after that you can start taking on setups by yourself.

How much time do I need to be willing to commit?

We welcome a range of commitment levels! Just try to be realistic with us about how much time you can commit so that we know how many reviewers we need to add.

Do I need to have previous experience as a reviewer?

Nope! You can still apply even if you’ve never been a reviewer before.

Can I still apply if I’ve been rejected previously?

Yes, although if you’ve already taken our standard “practical exam,” let us know so that we can give you new questions.

What if I’m rejected?

If you’re rejected, please don’t feel bad! It doesn’t mean that you’re bad at setup balance, or that we dislike you, it might just mean that your design philosophy isn’t a good fit for the balance standards of FoL.