Chair of Deception 2 - Game Thread - GAME OVER - UNSHACKLED AND TRICKSTER WIN



Final Day 1 VC

Silviu200530 (7): Leafia, Frostwolf103, guavagudetama, Zorvo, Yamikarp, Wazza, Gorta
Zorvo (3): Ranta, Magnus, Jarek
Leafia (2): Silviu200530, thepigeonnyc
thepigeonnyc (1): Kiiruma

Not Voting (4): Caspore, Garfooled, Caitlin, Creature

I’d give you five minutes but im way too lazy

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Silviu was…


The Banker

Azure Dragoon Offensive

Noble Lineage (Passive) - Votes to become lord count as two for you.
Heavy Drinker (Passive) - Immune to roleblocking and redirection.

Paid Relocation (Night) - Target 2 other players. Redirect all players targeting either of your targets to the other. You will be seen visiting your first target only. This cannot target the same player twice in a row and can’t be used two nights in a row - Infinite Uses

Defeat the Unshackled or Cult and any Neutral Evils.

Night 1 begins, and will end at 2023-01-27T01:00:00Z; actions lock 1 hour before.

The night draws to a close, and as such actions are locked. Relevant feedback will be sent shortly.

Nobody has died in the night!

Day 2 has begun! It will end at 2023-01-29T01:00:00Z.

A Lord election has started. Vote for that in your class cards; it will end in 12 hours.

That’s concerning.

Not really

Nobody died last night? Nice. Also, I think the best place to look for scum are in the ones that were tryingbto make it sound like Silviu and me were thunderdomed because then they could get two misexes instead of just one. Also, I targeted Magnus last night because I felt he was the most likely ine to die N1.

Also, be suspicious of anyone suddenly townreading me without a very good reason. I’d also like to know why Frost joined me on Silviu so quickly too.


As fbc or who should be lord,Magnus, Jarek, and Frost should never be elected here. Jarek and Frost because of their scumminess and Magnus because I can easily see worlds where he was converted N1.

So, we should kill Pigeon today, right? :innocent:
Anyway, no deaths is a decent start but doesn’t really tell us much in full.

what scuminess.

like actually.

I personally think there’s a wolf between Leafia or Frost, and I don’t think the Silviu wagon was pure. There’s likely a wolf in the nonvoters as well… I believe Zorvo’s neut claim, but he shouldn’t be crowned imo. I’m subconsciously filing Yamikarp and Creature into the same pool, but either could be a hit. A majority of Wazza, Jarek, Kiiruma and Guava are starting good.

I kinda wanna pressure Garfooled for some reason?

I still both want to be elected and don’t want to be. God damn it lmao

I personally want to execute Frost first today.

That couldn’t have been a worse choice ngl but if you saved from a kill I’ll be impressed

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Leafia claimed Shaman. That isn’t a protective.