CoD Feedback Thread

Class Card Thread

You can give your suggestions here on how you think the Chair of Deception setup can be reasonably improved. This is the place for balance discussion, so please give us your feedback (constructively).

This is not a place for off-topic discussion, so please take that to the Discord.

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this probably shouldn’t say FoL

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tyty yeah we prob have a few more messups in there.

Yah there was a few I saw but phone makes it effort to track

Yeah if u see any just write em here when u get a chance
ill fix em all

The Debtor’s Heavy Drinker still mentions Debauchery (should be Set Up), the Usurper’s Destruction Declaration still mentions Serve Wine (should be Serve Booze), and this might not be changeworthy, but the Usurper’s title being identical in color to the Cult is a little funky given that they’re capable of spawning in Unshackled games as well.

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tyty, i will get these fixes in later tonight

why are we talking about cod

there’s much better fish out there


Paladin and Physician feedback still says Unseen.

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  • The Baron’s Planned Accident ability mentions Royal Blood.
  • The Chancellor’s win condition has a small typo (I think).

Some other minor stuff:

  • Sometimes the “L” in the phrasing “the Lord” is capitalized, and sometimes it’s not.
  • Sometimes the order in which the Unshackled and Cult are supposed to be mentioned are flipped.
    • Usually it mentions the scumfactions as “Unshackled/Cult” but for some reason the Mercenary’s little section about who can be a contract, it mentions it as “Cult/Unshackled.”
  • Similarly to the Unshackled/Cult thing, for the Inquisitor, it says “Cult Leader/Luminary”.

Also what does “AD” mean in non-AD attacks from the Crone’s classcard.

Azure Dragoon is AD

ty ill try and get these changes in

Voodoist doesn’t have the false flip passive; is that intentional?

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Unseen? They never existed.

Yeah was removed, thought it like made the game a bit to bastard for our liking

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press F to pay respects to Voodoist utility

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Class is still strong, it was kinda just super extra annoying for 0 reason

Wait it’s strong?

I kept this the same between King and king. As that was a whole thing in the past. Not sure which is proper for every sentence. I’ll ask around

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The Usurper

now featuring lucifer from the smt series