"Crazybox" Interest Check

Introducing Crazybox concept.

So what’s Crazybox? Basically, each night a pre-selected number of town and mafia receive a random ability that’s customized for the game and depending on the game settings they can be balanced, bastard or anything that is announced on the OP beforehand.
The cards that have been received already either will continue to loop around or it will dissapear from the deck after it has been used.
And the cards can either be: used in an amount of cycles or can simply be kept forever until used.
Also I do not know if this concept exists already, I literally made it up, but I wish to share this idea regardless.


  • Have a game where there’s 15 players.
  • Town receives a number of random abilities that scales with the number of the night, and mafia aswell but it scales with the number of the night divided in half (rounded down).
  • Each card is unique which prevents them from spawning again.
  • The flavor is based on dunno World of Warcraft: Terrace of Endless Spring.
  • It’s the start of N4 and Chloe, Katze and Eliza wants to use their cards from N3.

Chloe wants to use:

C Pure Light

Prevent all negative effects (except death) on a target.

On Eliza because she said she will kill Katze because he has been redchecked:

B Death Blossom

Kill a player.

Katze has heard what Eliza is up to and wants to use an ability on her:

A Huddle in Fear

Roleblock a player.

Eliza is not roleblocked and manages to kill a wolf, hoorah! Teamwork!

Any ideas, folks?

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Also have mercy with criticism (I’m a sensitive individual :sob:).

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Sounds like a cool concept and I’d think there would be some way to make this work out. :ayaya: This is somewhat like the FM games I’ve seen where there are items you can buy as the game progresses, except everything is random.

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From what I can tell this type of game setup can also have many modifications like

Cards not being alignment restricted, maybe a certain player gets specific types of cards, cards can have a “channeling” effect. But overall I think this is not absolute lottery where no matter what you do there’s an already pre-set chance that an alignment just wins.

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Mafia gets a vigilante shot.