Death Craft - Interest check.

Since how my time will be limited in the nearby future and I can’t really host Dangans or games like Death City anymore I decided to try something more automated. Enter Death Craft.

Death Craft’s effectively Death City… but as a SMP Minecraft Server!

Each player will get a role card before joining in, which will give them their wincon. To win the good-aligned players will have to fulfill it plus construct a gate with unique building blocks that I will hide in structures throughout the map. Obviously the server will be PVP-enabled and in hardcore as well so once you’re dead, you’re out.

The entire idea here is like I said, the core gameplay of Death City where you’ll have 15-20 players going solo trying to survive, complete their mission, and rebuild the gateway to get out, all played in Minecraft. To throttle the game speed to prevent people from completing the gate early and simulate the chapter-by-chapter nature of the event, I’ll be limiting where players can venture on the map and then slowly expand it over time.

General features that will be present:

A) Main square-like area. Required to build the gate in here and it’ll also have some features that’ll cement it as a main hub like a default crafting table and furnace. Purpose is to centralize the gameplay to prevent creating cases where it makes it hard for players to find and interact with each other.

B) Leadership and elections system. Adds a dynamic social element to the game, so it’s a given. The leader will have very good rewards to push conflict through greed. In addition twice per chapter they can petition the execution of another player. If the petition gets enough votes, I will yeet the petitioned player to the moon kill them.

C) No Blood Moons. They pretty much made the game a bit too over-centralized around them. They need to go, tbh.




TL;DR - I have a stupid idea for a social deduction game that is played on Minecraft.

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you know what
i’ll join
nothnig can go wrong

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Like, originally I was planning on making a Danganronpa on Minecraft game but I don’t think that it’ll work that well.

Modding for a body-like thing could work, but there’s a lot of shit that can go wrong and make the game just frustrating like being forced to kill a player and become the blackened because they attacked you or wasting time in a nonsensical class trial because a player ended up accidentally falling off a mountain.


honestly combat will be
definitley a thing

technoblade kills everyone and wins

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Holy fucking shit

Dream is playing in fol?

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what the fuck

I’m gonna put a bullet in my head

Do we get normal pills?

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did you know that in the music video that dreams normal pills were antibiotics

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This would be awesome

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doctor be like: you are dying of blood poisoning

dream Minecraft: it’s hard being such a weird and quirky girl :pensive::smiling_face_with_tear::hocho::heart:


i forgot is this like among us or more like a cringe anime thing

can I build a poop tower

It’s basically like VLDR.

You’ll get a lot of people who are good and you’ll work together in order to fulfill your goals, but there will be some players who rand evil and have to either kill you or sabotage your stuff to win. The fun part is that you’ll never know who’s evil and who’s good.

So in other words, it’s going to be kind of like Among Us.

oh i forgot it’s both