Don't Starve - Anonymous TOWN VICTORY!

Wolfgang was fairly townread, or “TWTAB” as worst. In other words, they weren’t going to be executed. Killing Wolfgang specifically frames Wigfrid as evil, which I justified as being more worthwhile than just letting Wolfgang vote Wigfrid (which wouldn’t go anywhere and would be obviously V/V). More pressingly, it kept Willow alive for another night so I could justify myself staying alive even longer.

If I kill Willow then Wolf, I’m in trouble a day earlier. Hypothetically, town hammered the only day that would be relevant.
(Which I do believe is a bad practice.)

In other words, killing player who would have to die anyway, but in a different order to what town might expect. It makes the evil team look inexperienced and justifies your own survival in the long term, particularly in mountainous setups where that’s really important.

I did not think the first mountainous town win in 4 years on this site would have been in an anon game

Town won a mountainous last year.

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I was literally in that game too

wow i’m good at memory loss


both games ended with wolf magnus dying in f3

i think magnus should keep playing mountainous games


@Zone_Q11 you should stop being so hard on yourself, at the end of the day knowing when to sheep people is a skill in and of itself, and one especially relevant in mountainous where PR hunting is not a factor

there are people who have terrible reads and refuse to listen to the reads of others


There’s a reason why my town rand rate has been skewed by 90%.

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Insanely real

I said as much in spec chat but like

It’s a team game

Knowing when to trust your teammates is huge


Its true. Even i have to listen to others sometimes.

Usually if i am alive day 3



That’s what happened on Kitten Game Combinatorics as well, know to trust and work together.

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I apologize for a let down performance on my part early game.

I liked that too.

glad y’all enjoyed

was definitely a pain to keep up with but it was fun enough

Everyone approved!