Don't Starve - Anonymous TOWN VICTORY!


Hosted by @Garfooled
Co-hosted by @Leafia
Reviewed by @ElizaThePsycho

A simple mountainous game but with assigned accounts according to the flavor: Don’t Starve & Don’t Starve Together.
Because this is an anonymous game, the player list will not include who signed on. You’re allowed to reserve your favorite character and you must DM me to join.


  • Follow the Forum Game Rules. (This includes: no excessive AtE, no personal attacks, no angle shooting and all of the other obvious stuff that can be found linked.)
  • Must meet the minimum of 15 posts every day phase of 48 hours.
  • Do NOT publically speculate or reveal the identities of the accounts.

General Mechanics:

  • Days last 48 hours, nights last 24 hours.
  • Alive Mafia have access to communication over Discord.
  • Mafia kills are mandatory.
  • Night actions are locked an hour before start of day.
  • Majority + plurality are active, ties are decided by RNG.
  • No-exe is not a valid vote.
  • Votes lock in LyLo.


Vanilla Town x12
Mafia Goon x3


The Player, Vanilla Town
Screenshot 2024-02-09 211348
Abilities: You have none, only your voice and ability to vote.
Win Condition: You win when all threats to the Town have been eliminated.

The Constant, Mafia Goon
Screenshot 2024-02-09 211233
Abilities: Factional kill during night phases and 24/7 communication over Discord with your partners.
Win Condition: You win when your faction gains half or more of the town’s population.



Wilson Animated


Willow Animated


Wolfgang Animated


Wigfrid Animated


WX-78 Animated


Wickerbottom Animated


Wendy Animated


Webber Animated


Woody Animated


Wes Animated


Warly Animated


Wormwood Animated


Wortox Animated


Wurt Animated


Wanda Animated


  1. Wilson
  2. Willow
  3. Wolfgang
  4. Wigfrid
  5. WX-78
  6. @Wickerbottom
  7. Wendy
  8. Webber
  9. Woodie
  10. Wes
  11. Warly
  12. Wormwood
  13. @Wortox
  14. Wurt
  15. Wanda


  1. Start of game.
  2. Day 1 Wilson is executed.
  3. Night 1 Wes is killed.
  4. Day 2 Woodie is executed.
  5. Night 2 Wendy is killed.
  6. Day 3 Wormwood is executed.
  7. Night 3 WX-78 is killed.
  8. Day 4 Warly is executed.
  9. Night 4 Wolfgang is killed.
  10. Day 5 Wurt is executed.
  11. Night 5 Willow is killed.
  12. Day 6 Wigfrid is executed.
  13. Night 6 Wanda is killed.
  14. Day 7 Webber is executed.


  1. Wilson → Vanilla Town
  2. Wes → Vanilla Town
  3. Woodie → Mafia Goon
  4. Wendy → Vanilla Town
  5. Wormwood → Mafia Goon
  6. WX-78 → Vanilla Town
  7. Warly → Vanilla Town
  8. Wolfgang → Vanilla Town
  9. Wurt → Vanilla Town
  10. Willow → Vanilla Town
  11. Wigfrid → Vanilla Town
  12. Wanda → Vanilla Town
  13. Webber → Mafia Goon

Day 1 begins 2024-03-19T20:00:00Z.


Day ends 2024-03-21T20:00:00Z, GLHF!

Hello everyone, this is my first ever post (Real)

VOTE: Wolfgang

Slot was the last one to fill up, nobody wanted to be a wolf. Easy

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It has just recently occurred to me that everyone’s name starts with W, I am not looking forward to attempting to remember whos who

I’m the lovable one who’s part Krampus.
So make sure you’re not being naughty or I’ll stop it.

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Counterpoint! Being naughty is fun

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You know something funny? I’m really getting into this particular book about anti-gravity. It’s just impossible to put down.
Get it? You know, because you literally can’t put it down? Anti-gravity? Yeah.

Did you just get in thread or did it take you 18 min to think this up lol

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I just got here. I’m a very fast thinker, you know. Especially when it comes to floating books. Weird stuff.

quick, think fast!

You didn’t throw anything at me. I wouldn’t have caught it anyway, but still.

Glub glub

I know I was supposed to fish to catch food for everyone, I didn’t think I’d catch a little creature.


This fellow ain’t right in the head, must be left on insanity.

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VOTE: WickerBottom
@ me D2