DR6 - The End of Reasonability [the plan] [interest check]

There needs some sort of coverage for the masterminds. Games aren’t fun if the supervillain is exposed too early.

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Also Eliza why did the game screech to a halt? :sob:

litearlly everyone lost motivation

i blame the chapter break

I can introduce you to danganrompa gaming guidebooks to see how they do it if you want.

nah i don’t think that helps with motivation

I think what destroys motivation is long hiatuses and people not knowing what to do.

Nothing bores somebody than to realize that the time went past them and they remained unevolved when everybody is onto something and having fun

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instead of posting their actual card I will post their fake card because it was infinitely better, despite not having an actual 4th ability

Osamu Fukada, the Ultimate Playwright

i don’t actually have a name for this ability (I) - You are a Wildcard. Your win condition is to murder someone using a trap and get away with it. A trap is defined as a kill by you that happens in a room you are not in.

Chekov’s Gun - At the start of each deadly life period, before your search begins, you learn one piece of evidence relevant to the murder. You do not know where it is, just the item name.

The Plot Thickens (Passive) - For every blackened you correctly vote for and piece of lore you find choose a stat to rise by 4.

All The World’s A Stage (Ultimate) - If you correctly deduce a murder and explain it from start to finish, before the start of a trial, your stats all permanently raise by 25

see you can tell my card was bad because this card just sucks less

and yeah this is what killed motivation

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As feedback for being your co-host. I am sorry but I was afraid to mess anything up so I didn’t contribute.

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yeah also i told you like nothing so its fine

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The Tlot Phickens…

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Would this even be achievable

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that’s why its a fake ability

Could’ve been more convincing

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Another DR forum game? Colour me interested for sure~

DR 1: Poison Accelerant “Administered to Marshal”
DR 2: Ultimate annoying girl gets what’s coming to her via kunaigeddon (Kiiruma sleep arc gone badly)
DR 3: A ninja didn’t learn whether a or e is evil quick enough - Amelia mastermind phase + Vanilla ice cream is evil / despair flavoured and we all know it
DR 4: The ultimate lawyer who’s good at puzzles cannot sleep at night (Kiiruma sleep arc 2 electric boogaloo)
DR 5: Replacing in to the usual mastermind’s slot, but getting among us’d to death

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Hello kiiru

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dr3 was so great you carried me thru that shit


HPU was one of the games of all time

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