DR6 - The End of Reasonability [the plan] [interest check]

hello people

I am interested in bringing back an idea just so we can kill it once and for all (this is my job) (it is fun)

What I’m going to be changing from the dr6 plan from 2021 (assume everything else is kept):


  • 6 hosts. Each one ‘mains’ a chapter, ensuring heavy activity during all but the trial phase. 1-2 other hosts assigned as backup. Other hosts not expected to jump in but can.
  • We go with the above because it changes ‘high activity over the course of several weeks, with a couple breaks in between’ to ‘very high activity for about ~3 days, and medium activity for a few more’
  • Comprehensive and standardized method for writing action resolution to reduce host confusion.
  • tbd method for handling constant PM creation.

Character Creation:

  • Out with stats and in with skills. Reducing role bloat by sectioning off ‘Can I do this?’ to skills. Uncommon and rare skills gate off actions that require education or background in that to reasonably perform, to varying degrees. This will reduce role bloat while also avoiding ‘how did you have this ability’ scenarios.
  • High customizability. Players are assigned an ultimate and one ability. They are given a few choices for backgrounds (and may write a custom one). These will impact skills and starting items.


  • Standard win condition will stay. Endgame will stay. Other win-conditions will be added and ARE NOT necessarily defined at the start of the game. Broadly, people not on the staff will be traditionally ‘survivor’ aligned as standard and people on the staff are varying degrees of ‘chaos’ aligned.

Death (very out there but floating it anyway lmao, sufficient player willingness to kill will change a lot here):

  • Miring will be back but won’t be like…as mystical. We can keep this mundane-ish.
  • Being caught on trial does not necessarily mean you lose. It does massively change how you play for the rest of the game, as you’ll be on staff for the rest of the game.
  • Winning trial does not necessarily mean you leave the game. Part of the staff, and possibly influencing game elements.


  • probably going to be a whitelist system to ensure activity / willingness to actually engage with the game’s systems

game shit

  • we figure that out as we design lmao

I don’t know why I’m doing this
Game will be done when it’s done (and probably targeted to run over the holidays)


@Trochilidae @Icibalus

Doesn’t a whitelist only approve a specified list of people? I feel like it’s overly constricting to more or less invite people instead of just WOTM’ing out or blacklisting players that don’t meet the criteria.

I was thinking like…application stuff
WOTM’ing people out is frustrating because it creates bad vibes when the player inevitably takes it to the signup thread on why they weren’t in (vagueposting)


does this make any degrees of sense



all I need are 4-5 willing victims (hosts)

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Hello Geyde!
I was wondering what’s “Miring”

And on the second, will the trial concentrate more on… actually solving the timeline of the murder besides just finding out the murderer?

If this helps.

link in the op

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murder timeline is certainly interesting
changes could be made to go that way

I don’t think it’s necessary but it could be cool!


the most important things from my perspective to get feedback on is the logistics, the character creation element, and the ‘win-con’ section


I believe that the character creation one is pretty great. Especially if the character will be more focused on things they actually specialize on.

i pray for ye souls

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The logistics, I hope this is very flexible so it doesn’t gridlocks too much from a high level of player activity.

The wincons I think what you are saying here is that there will be people that are just trying to achieve a certain something (presumably where it doesn’t uproot public trust majorly), though there’s also the evil madmen baddies.

I do love myself a fluid wincon which influences what you have to do so you don’t get lost in thinking: “what do I do now”.

well yeah we’d definitely have everyone on board for chapter 1 (or at least I’d high effort in addition to the main)
it’s best for like…2 3 4

Is there anything design-wise put in place for people that have different timezones than each other? (Be me. Death City. I go to the hospital. Everything is ramsacked. I arrived too late :scream:)

practically speaking, that’s an issue with the “stuff race”
having less reliance on distributing items through first comes first serve solves that problem

that’d be a valid fix

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If there’s something to prevent an “arms race” and “you snooze you lose”. Then all the better.

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