Elements [7/7]

Also we don’t worry how I woke up to my post of draft instead of sent lol so I missed an action


There is no war in Ba Sing Se

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there is no town

that castle was always there I swear

Tbh I have caused no war and will grant peace to those that ask it.


Guys I have an excellent idea:

Let’s cause global warming!

can I have peace

war & peace

Sure no harm my way will reciprocate this.

While I work on something to expensive to be good but screw it am doing to anyway


you fly around the flowing islands, easily reaching any of them, founding not even any remote sign of any other life form, you realize you won’t discover anything new this way, but you have the feeling you already know the perfect spell to support you in this direction. Also you realize even though you didn’t eat or drink anything for days, you aren’t even hungry or thirsty.

Assumptions are poison.

Everything a spell can do is in their description.

I will role play with you, if you cast role playing spells, but it won’t effect the game. Also it has a limit. For example, if you create a spell for underwater breathing, don’t expect me to spontaniously make water from nothing just to make your spell relevant.

This game is about spells, bidding and trust.

(Also overcoming the round-about thinking of your host.)


They didn’t.
It was a ranged attack.

If spells or spell effects have valid target at the other side of the force field, they can perce through it. (otherwhise how did you expect eliminate your competition?)

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There are barriers preventing us from directly interacting with each other. However, spells that we cast can go through the barrier. It stands to reason that rocks can too.

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Is this lore?


Counter correction:
The force field can not differentiate if you target someone with that rock, or you just throw it for fun.


the force field isn’t intelligent, got it

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