Elements [7]


There is one victor. The goal is to either eliminate all other player, or cast a spell with the effect of winning the game.
Each phase lasts 24 hours. And turns happen simultaneously.
Actions need to be submitted 1 hour before the deadline.
All game related PMs need to include @Marluna and @Whysper

On the turn:
You have one main action, and as many sub-action as you can manage. (At the start of the game, there are no revealed sub-actions.)

Each player plays a wizard, who has affinity for one of the basic elements.
Everyone starts the game with 0 element, the same amount of HP, and 1 known spell specific for them.

There are 4 main actions.
Bidding, cast a spell, creating/learning a spell and pass. (again, you can do only one action from the four, for every turn.

You can bid any element.
At the end of the turn, you gain at least one of the bidded elements. You gain more, if there are more people bidding an other element.
(in case player A bids Fire, player B and C bids Water, and player D bids Earth, player A gets 2 Fire, player D gets 2 Earth and player B and C both gets 1 Water each)

Cast a spell:
You can cast any spell you know their name (it doesn’t have to come from learning it). If you have enough elements, the spell will take effect at the end of the turn, otherwise you are forced to pass.

Create/learn a spell.
You can make any spell effect you want, or combine them as you want. If you describe an already existing spell, you learn it. If it doesn’t exist yet, you create it.
The catch: you cannot choose the price, the host will assign a price, (and any side-effect, if it deems necessary)
Be creative, you can make any spell you want.

Basic action which will triggered if you don’t choose any other main action, or some effects might force you to pass. Also you will force to pass, if you make an illegal action. (Mainly due to a side-effect you don’t know)

Each spell has 3 main component.

The cost. You can cast a spell only, if you have enough affinity for the said spell. The cost will be subtracted from your mana-pool, if the cast was successful.
The main effect: It’s what the spell is designed to do. Part of it might be revealed publicly, after the spell was cast.
Side effect (if any): Mainly negatív effect of the spell, it will never be revealed publicly, unless you learn the spell.

To join the game choose a prefered element.
(the six I am usually working with are Fire, Water, Earth, Wood, Metal and Air.
You can choose other Elements, but be prepared that I can refuse them, and I will just use one of the starting elements instead.)

1 Apprentice (Ice)
2 Litten (dark)
3 Ruby (wild)
4 Magnus (illusion)
5 Memes (air)
6 JakeTheWolfie (Fire)
7 ElizaThePsycho (holy)

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/in as Water

I don’t like competition :pensive:

Is ok spells can do literally anything

So I assume you could get creative to be cooperative

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cooperative deck builder god slayers


since spells can do anything, you could combine someone’s soul with yours so they win with you
or change the fabric of reality and make it so multiple people can win


Of course, creating that spell will cost you your soul itself in the process :ayaya:


Technically you can do that.

I won’t stop you…


okay so, metal and wood are lame, and the other elements also seem lame

can you in with

holy/light magic
dark magic
time magic

I won’t allow time

You can choose the other three.

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/in with dark magic

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Are we allowed to collude with people without the hosts monitoring us as long as we don’t screenshot do anything that would normally be against the rules

The reason I ask is that this game seems very similar to a mafia game that someone tried to run a while back, where the host was the devil and every player had a ability that allowed them to make a Faustian deal with the host

In that scenario it is not wise to communicate to the host why you are doing certain actions and I’m wondering if it’s the same here

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It’s in the OP.

The host is not a player.


damn tragic

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Can I switch to ice magics?

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Yes, you can

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/in as beans


I will take this as plant, if you are fine with it…

Haha, cool choice :ayaya: When Apprentice switched to ice, I was thinking how he stole your element. But now I wonder what beancat is going to do… :ayaya:


I won’t approve cat as a starting element…