Enemy Within (Deus Ex 5) 18/18 Signups closed.

Welcome to Deus Ex Forum Mafia game Enemy Within

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Day Hours will be 48 hours long
Night Hours will be 24 hours long
Actions will be done by messaging me
Illuminati Mafia will talk through a Forum PM and can perform faction kills
Illuminati Mafia can form discord group chat with the hosts
All dead players will talk through a Forum PM
When you receive a card you will have 24 hours to reply, confirming you have received it.
Do -NOT- share your role card on game thread, claim at your own risk


This game uses voting thread to separate the vote spam from the main game thread

To vote a player, type in bold characters /vote -insert name-

The execution with the majority votes will end the day immediately and moves on to Night phrase

Once the player has been executed or killed during the night phrase, only the faction alignment, role name and their logs will be revealed

Game rule mechanics (This game has bastard elements and not all information is revealed, you have been warned)

  1. Unlike previous Enemy Within games from legacy forum server, the faction names have switched around
    NSF - Town
    Illuminati - Mafia
    UNATCO - Neutral Killer
  2. All actions and one-use passives (besides faction kills and neutral killer attacks) have limited uses on your role card actions that can be used during Night Phrase
  3. A town role named has the ability to replenish one player’s role card actions and other one-use passives back to full capacity
  4. All non-town players have access to the fakeclaims
  5. Feedback is very limited
  6. Neutral Killer is back and the cult is not present
  7. New roles have been added and other roles are either tweaked a bit or removed entirely
  8. Day One execution is allowed

To Join

To join, simply express in joining by saying something like /I want to join or /join or /in or /sign me up, coach. You must type it in bold.


Illuminati Leader
Random Illuminati Mafia
Random Illuminati Mafia
Random Illuminati Mafia

NSF Chief
NSF Hacker
Random NSF Town Member
Random NSF Town Member
Random NSF Town Member
Random NSF Town Member
Random NSF Town Member
Random NSF Town Member
Random NSF Town Member
Random NSF Town Member
Random NSF Town Member
Random NSF Town Member
Random NSF Town Member

Player List

  1. @Gorta
  2. @Arctic
  3. @ElizaThePsycho
  4. @Atlas
  5. @Kiiruma
  6. @Amelia
  7. @Isolde
  8. @Blizer
  9. @JakeTheWolfie
  10. @Geyde
  11. @Jarek
  12. @ATNoName
  13. @Solarkoid
  14. @Hippopablompoyeetus
  15. @GGhana
  16. @Wazza
  17. @Trochilidae
  18. @min



  1. Intensify (Informed)
  2. Chloe (Uninformed)
  3. YouButWorse (Informed)
  4. Litten (Unspecified)


  1. Aelin
  2. Whysper


Frostwolf103 - Killed at N0 - The Bum that screams at you

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i beat eli

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oh no


Because lore reasons :eyes:

Which Deus Ex player didn’t do murderhobo playthrough


now that i have a slot secured i will think about whether or not i actually want to keep it in light of the neutral killer

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imagine playing deus ex

this is a very nice order

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/in make me player 2


i don’t know what any of this is but I guess I’m playing now

This happens when I add @ <namehere and the number that followed disappeared

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Wait, so are we picking our positions? If so I’ll take 8 :stuck_out_tongue:


no only I get to

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20 minutes filled speedrun???

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kill everyone and everything



Solar is gonna join this one as well.

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