EXTREME POPCORN Turbo - [2/literally anything] - CANNED


how it works

  • There are no nights. It’s also mountainous.
  • Town/Mafia ratios will be announced at the start of the game. It won’t be busted though; I just haven’t decided if i want standard ratios.
  • 5 or so minutes into the day, nominations will open and anybody may nominate another alive player.
  • The first player nominated dies, but may nominate somebody again ASAP (no other words in that post tho). That player also dies but may nominate again, who dies, and so on and so forth.
  • If you choose not to nominate, then there is another 5 or so minutes before nominations open again.
  • After two players have not nominated after being nominated at any point, the next players must nominate as soon as possible, else face the price. (the price is either I decide who they nominate, or their team outright loses if u choose to abuse this.)
  • Also mafia win off of majority, not parity.


  1. CRichard
  2. ATlas

and many more!

I’m a sucker for Riot.

i will go eat dinner now
will be back in like 10 minutes :joy_cat:

If the long form explanation is hard to follow regarding Riot, I’ll post a pic to make it easier.

what even is this


nothing is explained


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its me

also whens this hosted bc uh

I dont want it done when I’m sleeping

as soon as we get a suitable number
maybe like 5 mins after

so you have no clue


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2 players and whoever nominates 1st wins.

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i do not have time remaining so
might revive this thread later

Bad timing.

We just spent all day playing battles 2