FAM 3: Fake Artist

Welcome to the Fake Artist event!

What is Fake Artist?

  • One player will be assigned to be the Fake Artist. The others will be assigned to be Real Artists.
  • A category will be posted publicly.
  • All real artists will be given the same word, which falls into that category. The fake artist will not.
  • The goal of the real artists is to identify the fake artist without giving away the word. The goal of the fake artist is to either avoid detection, or successfully guess the word.
  • Players will be given access to an online shared whiteboard program. Each player will be assigned a unique color.
  • Players will (in a randomly assigned turn order) take turns drawing. On your turn, you must draw a single line (it may be as complicated as you want as long as you do not lift the pen) in their personal color. You should only use the pen tool to draw.
  • All players will complete two turns.
  • Once all players have completed their turns, you will have five minutes to discuss and vote on who the fake artist is. Voting will be done in this thread. There are no hammers. Ties will be decided in favor of the fake artist if applicable.
  • If any player other than the fake artist is eliminated, the fake artist wins.
  • If the fake artist is eliminated, they may guess the secret word. If they get it right, they win. If they get it wrong, the real artists win.
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does everyone understand the rules

please ask if you have questions - I know not all of you have played before

everyone here has?

i understand


im ready

i got it

i was lying to try and gaslight arete

i think arete

I have no idea how this will work but I’m all for it.

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Eh, I ask for 2 minutes, I will check again if my drawing tablet is here or at 2nd house.

okay, I will rand the fake and real artists while you do that

thread will be locked for rand

The category is: animals


All roles have been sent.

The drawing order and assigned colors will be:

  1. @row666 - red
  2. @nutella - light orange
  3. @Hazardwaste - yellow
  4. @Atlas - green
  5. @eevee - blue
  6. @Magnus - purple

As a reminder, on your turn, you may draw one line (of any complexity) in your assigned color.

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row666 is up first

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How to change color?

was gonna ask that

go to the second to top icon