FAM 3 - Not Sesame Street Fighter

Welcome to the Not Sesame Street Fighter event!

Game rules:

  • You will be invited to a typing game.
  • Once you are on the game, change your display name on the right to match your username.
    • This site has an extremely active word filter, so it is possible you will not be able to do this. In that case, inform the host of which display name is yours.
  • The goal is to place as high in the race as you can, which can be accomplished by typing quickly and accurately.
  • The host will also be in the game, but their score does not count.

This thread will be posted publicly once the event has concluded.


oh no

if you are Confused About The Rules now is a good time to clarify but this is mostly pretty straightforward

10 years of nitrotype training

lets go


i can’t believe arete will be personally beating us to death with a brick in the typing minigame

i type like 70wpm at best im done for


i am slightly nerfed by The Sleepy

im listening to uh
certain stuff that makes it difficult to focus

i have been listening to the the same song for every single event

be marl
looking for a new event
ask the hosts if it’s sesame street fighter or if it’s bad
they don’t understand
pull out illustrated chart to explain the difference between sesame street fighter and bad
“it’s a good event sir”
open the event
it’s bad


its not a song

yes i know what you’re listening to

its creepy and wet

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if you did you wouldnt be talking to me

i’ve heard worst
i’ve been on the internet

fair enough