FAM 3 - ToS 2 Turbo

This is the ToS 2 turbo event!

Days will be up to 7 minutes, except for day 1, which will be 3 minutes with no execution

Nights will end when everyone gets their actions in and I’ve processed them

Trials exist


any questions or should I just send out roles

No questions.

how do trials work

ive never played tos before btw

Its just rolemadness

i played tos1 a few years ago

It FM rolemadness basically

i figured but still

I love ToS.

if someone gets the number of votes that ordinarily would result in hammer, a trial begins

they can defend themself and then everyone votes execute or pardon (or abstain), majority vote among voters is what happens


i remember now ok

That’s different.

Aight waiting for the pros rand

I’m ready

im also ready

Me too.

randing, glgl

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