FAM 3 - Wavelength

Welcome to the Wavelength event!

How do I play Wavelength?

  • You will be divided into two teams.
  • The game will be played over a series of 8 rounds, alternating between teams.
  • In each round, one player will be the Psychic. Each player will have one chance to be the Psychic.
  • The goal of the Psychic is to get their team to guess a specific number between 1 and 21.
  • The Psychic will also be allowed to choose one of eight “clue categories,” each of which can only be chosen once. Each “clue category” will consist of something that exists on a spectrum, such as “Soft” to “Hard.”
  • The only way the Psychic can hint at the correct number is by giving a clue based on where something falls in the spectrum.
    • For example, if “Soft” is 1 and “Hard” is 21, and the target number is 18, the Psychic might say “A rock.”
    • The Psychic cannot say things like “a rock that is 18/21 soft” or anything like that. They must stick within the spirit of the game. If I decide you are not playing within the spirit of the game, I will disqualify you.
  • Then, the team must guess what number this corresponds to.
    • If they guess the exact number, they get 4 points.
    • If they are off by 1 in either direction, they get 3 points.
    • If they are off by 2 in either direction, they get 2 points.
    • This does not wrap around.
  • The other team can then guess “Under” if they think the true value is lower than the value the first team guessed, or “Over” if they think the true value is higher. If they are correct, they will get one point.
  • The team with the most points at the end of the game wins.

let me know if you have questions about the rules

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What are we saying here?

Like I don’t get it? What are we trying to guess? Just the number or the number and the category?

do you have any questions we can help with

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you’re trying to guess the number

the category is public

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the number

so if they picked rock that’s really hard, so you’d guess high

i want to be on the teamw ithout wazza

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why not pick a gemstone rocks arent very hard