FAM Event: Outrangeous

Welcome to the Outrangeous event!

Game rules:

  • You will be presented with a series of questions with a numerical answer.
  • For each question, you will have three minutes to privately submit a range for the number. (Discord and forum submissions are both okay, as long as it is private.)
    • If the correct answer is not within your range, you will receive zero points for the question.
    • All players whose range does include the correct answer will be sorted from smallest to largest (with incorrect players being infinitely large). You get one point for every player who had a larger range than you.
  • The goal is to obtain the most points.
  • Research is not allowed, and will be considered cheating.


Question: What is the current year?
Correct answer: 2023

Arete’s answer: 1900-2000
katze’s answer: 2020-2030
Geyde’s answer: 2000-3000
Ruby’s answer: 2023-2073
Icibalus’s answer: 1500-1700
Gray’s answer: 2010-2080

Arete and Icibalus receive 0 points. Geyde receives 2 points. Gray receives 3 points. Ruby receives 4 points. katze receives 5 points.

This thread will be made public after the event concludes.

I’ll be posting the first question in a couple of minutes once people have had time to read and process the rules

Hey ya

I’m gay nya

Oh boy this is similar to a board game I’ve played before


tbh i have no idea why I joined this event I am a terrible historian


Ok sure

Alright let me read first

yeah same

I want more drones actually

I used to be ok at it.
But honestly I just want to not get last lmao

This’ll be fun.

yay event

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Alright I think I got it

gay event


@Dark_Joycat who do we dm on discord

alright I’m going to get started

Question 1: What is the average distance between the Earth and the Moon, in miles?


  • submit your answer privately
  • research is not allowed
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dm arete_ on Discord if you’re submitting there