[FAM2] Boat of Horrors

Event will start shortly
Actions can be performed in here or in cards (prefer here)

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GL team. May we all survive and prosper.

I am going to sleep, i may not return until 13 houre later

It’s ok, you’ll probably end up woken up to either all of us dead, or being told you’re dead

If someone consents, I’ll allow other players to carry them around

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This shouldn’t take too long for one reason or another but any case it’s okay

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we’re waiting on flips for reasons


You all awake to a distant cackle from an evil moderator.

You soon come to face with a bitter reality: you are trapped, with your hands held behind futuristic-ish restraints in what appears to be a run-down prison cell. The door is ajar but you can’t quite move. In front of the door on your side, across from each of you, are copper tiles that stick out distinctly from the scenery. On the wall to your right is a pickaxe dangling from a mantle.

You can now action

flips up glgl

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/Examine the copper tile
The pickaxe seems more obvious but in this sort of thing I’d not be surprised if it’s a trap.

You can’t exactly inspect it physically from here, but you notice a wire trailing from each back to your restraints

is it just our hands bound or are we like chained to the wall/ground?

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your hands are bound
the restraints are bound to the wall

so you can move legs freely

/try to tell if the restraints are rigged in any way


The copper wire might be helpful but getting it in place would be difficult if we’re bound.

Is there some sort of keyhole that looks like it can be picked?

They appear to have a simple locking/unlocking mechanism

I kinda thought maybe we explode if we undo restraints


/see if my feet can reach the pickaxe