FAM2 Game Thread 1 - Day 1

This looks like a topic that we can talk about
/vote catbae

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in all seriousness
no, but only because hosts are lazy

Oooh it’s already getting taller

/vote catbae

Now how did the wagon form

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/vote Kiiruma

Ha Ha AtE man go brr

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do u disagree that hes an awkward potato

can’t claim flavor, can claim role and player AFAIK :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


or you can just pick someone to talk to and ignore the rest?

Please rest easy. I don’t think I’ll be able to keep up for the most part so I plan on doing more real timing than anything else.

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I like this plan

What is there to talk about there?

Not sure yet.

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you don’t say


idk i only saw that he said “um”

catbae 5/28 beancat (#66); ElizaThePsycho (#137); Hippopablompoyeetus (#104); Kyubey (#59)
Arctic 1/28 Chloe (#126)
Kiiruma 1/28 Blizer (#139)
Kyubey 1/28 Leafia (#86)
Marshal 1/28 Marshal (#75)
thepigeonnyc 1/28 thepigeonnyc (#125)
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I am bad at starting discussions, and I’d rather avoid talking about fluff such as talking about playing Risk of Rains 2.

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Good night.

ok im here now poggers