[FAM2] Life Boat Event

Katze and Dominic Toretto, after hitting it off, rented a yacht. The 6 of you are all cordially invited to their honeymoon, but there’s a problem. The boat only has room for 5 people, and you’re in the middle of the ocean. Naturally, you all decide the only way to solve this problem is to roll a dice, and then let the random leader decide who is allowed on, who then decides who goes on next, and so on.

How to play:

I will use discobot to determine who the first player on the boat is. From then on, the most recent addition to the boat will publicly choose who goes on the boat next. Once you have picked a player to go on the boat next, you will be removed from the group PM.

The last player will be left behind, and die tragically.

The event will begin when every player has confirmed their presence and understanding of the rules.


astand, Geyde, orangeandblack5, katze, DatBird, and bearsquared are the players.

Discobot picks DatBird to be the first player on the boat. DatBird picks katze. DatBird is then removed from the PM.

katze picks astand. katze is then removed from the PM.

astand picks orange, who then picks bearsquared. Geyde is the last player, and thus dies.


  1. Marluxion
  2. Wisdom
  3. Atlas
  4. CRichardFortressLies
  5. WindwardAway
  6. Kiiruma

I confirm I’m here

Here I am.

I understand
Good luck all

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I confirm I understand and I’m here.
Time to see who the lucky 1st chosen person is


so we pick who to save


whos the lucky first boatee

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I confirm I’m here in case it wasn’t obvious.

@discobot roll 1d6

isnt it more we pick who to kill

:game_die: 3


Yarn Yoshi

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@Atlas is the first one on the boat

for some reason this event just got a lot better


Last person has the final say tho

we can like talk right


this is practically a dayvig


I hope so lol

Whoever doesn’t get picked last dies.