FAM3: Grand Idea Turbo

its a grand idea turbo

  1. @Litten
  2. @Amelia
  3. @catbae
  4. @Arctic
  5. @guavagudetama
  6. @Atlas
  7. @Jane
  8. @RaisinBranEnthusiast
  9. @Daeron
  10. @Marluna
  11. @ElizaThePsycho

sending out roles now

This role exists in the game:

Mafia Bomber

Mafia Killing
Rat (Passive) - Your role is revealed to be in the game at the start of the game. You carry a bomb. If town is executed three days in a row, mafia wins.

Day 1 starts, will end in like 12 minutes cause i took forever to send out role PMs

maj is 6 because im a gamer and have d1 maj

there is no king

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/detonate Litten

I’m town

what stops us instantly massclaiming and catching out anyone who cant claim their role in 5 seconds

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hate to break it to you bomber but if town is exe’d three days in a row we lost already


Did everyone rand clown



Okay good I thought I was being memed on

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i had to read the whole gi thread that one time

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There’s clwon murderrs too so I’m not posting that emoji

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suggesting it instead of just doing it which gives people time to find a claim

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