FAM3 - Liar's Dice

Liar’s Dice

  • This is a bluffing game that will be played over four rounds.
  • Everyone will receive the results (via DM) of a roll from 5 standard 6-sided dice. A turn order will be randomized for each round.
  • The player who goes first should guess, in this thread, how many there are of a certain number, for example, “Two 5s” among all of the players’ dice.
  • The person who goes next has the option to either RAISE, by increasing EITHER the number of dice OR the value of the dice (but not both). In the previous example, this could include, e.g., “Two 6s” or “Four 5s.” Alternatively, they can call “LIAR.”
  • If “LIAR” is called, I will reveal all the dice. If the guess was correct, the person who called “LIAR” will be eliminated. A guess is correct if there are at least as many of the number present among all the dice rolled. If the guess was incorrect, then the guesser will be eliminated.
  • 1’s are wild and therefore count as any number.

Rounds will continue until there is only one person remaining. You will have 2 minutes to take your turn. Please do not discuss the event/give encouragement or hints of any sort while it’s going on.

please reply to confirm that you understand the rules (unless you don’t in which case you should ask)


I don’t understand

isn’t this just coup

I’m too dumb


coup event when

why not always tell the truth

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i dont understand how calling liar works

I don’t understand any of this

okay so like

what don’t you understand


you don’t know the truth

you don’t know how many dice of each value other people have

i need to se

OH I GET IT ai think

a round

Can we do a practice one

okay so

step 1: everyone gets a secret pool of 5 dice

e.g. “1, 1, 4, 5, 6”